Pacemaker post op feeling

Hi everyone . 

Hi had my procedure 2 weeks ago . 

I'm 45vex athlete fit.

The doctor sticked tge pacemaker to my muscle under the double layer of skin on my left side . 

It's only been2 weeks, but I have this non stop sensation of constant rubbing on the pacemaker   

It also feels very fragile as if it could move at anytime.

Does this feeling get better   ??? 

Will the pacemaker feel at one with my body and feel strong instead of something loose .? 





by AgentX86 - 2023-08-14 17:34:16

In a couple of months you will forget you have it at all.  It'll be like your navel.  You know it's here but it's not something you'll think about.


I do see that you like MMA.  That's probably going to be a "no".  Full contact sports are highly discouraged. A direct blow to your pacemaker isn't going to hurt it but it could easily damage your leads.  It'll also hurt like hell (not that there is no pain in MMA), if you're lucky.

Rubbing & Looseness

by Penguin - 2023-08-15 13:58:33


Welcome from me!  Just to clarify your questions about a rubbing sensation and the pacemaker feeling as if it is loose. 

Rubbing - do you mean that your clothing is rubbing against the device or do you mean that it feels as if the pacemaker is rubbing against the skin internally and moving around because the pacemaker is in a pocket which feels too large? 

If you mean the latter this is quite normal and a lot of people feel those sensations initially. Try not to fixate on it too much. It will feel weird and it takes time to get used to it ...and ignore it! 

Mine felt as if it fell forwards a little when i bent down to start with. I don't notice it now and couldn't tell you whether it still happens, but, like you it bothered me initially. 

It will improve and one day you will realise that you haven't thought about having a pacemaker for at least a week, month or even longer. 

Take care. 



Thank you

by TPMP001 - 2023-08-15 14:50:15

Thank you so much . 

i quess it takes time before the pocket of skin grows and i feel at one with the pacemaker. 

i should bee thankfull . 

i can now sleep without my heart continually stoping 

No need to thank me

by Penguin - 2023-08-15 15:04:32

No need to thank me. We all feel the same doubts and it really does feel weird and heavy and unnatural to most of us. 

You will feel better, but give it some more time. Mine was soooo swollen still at 2 weeks and I felt very unhappy about it all .... and that was my second pacemaker!!  It's worst first time round and not all of us are brave and invincible.  I was in bits. 

Concentrate on the positives but allow yourself to admit that it isn't easy for everyone to accept a pacemaker, the new feelings and all the emotion that goes with it. It's a process of acceptance and forums like this are here to support you. 

Take care. 

Take care.

thank you

by TPMP001 - 2023-08-15 17:14:19

thank you 

Still feels weird to me

by R2D2 - 2023-09-13 22:13:09

I got my ICD 2 months ago, and it's larger than a regular PM so I guess that's why it feels like a hockey puck in my chest. However, it is starting to get better, and I find I am noticing less and less. But I definitely won't forget it's there, and I also feel it every time when it paces, and my doctor says that's not normal. At first it's incredibly scary and stressful to feel it working, but eventually you realize it's okay and accept the fact that it's helping. 

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