ICD Pain

I've had my ICD for 5 years now (after two years with a pacer); and I've been experiencing pain in the area of my icd. Does anyone else experience this?  I am also having problems with CAD with a 50% stenosis.  I've not been feeling great but this pain is really bothering me.  It feels like a sharp, cutting pain.  Please let me know if anyone experiences this!  Thanks so much!




by Old male - 2023-08-14 23:08:41

9 years with ICD.  Other than an occassional sharp stabbing pain that lasts for maybe a second....no.  Nothing else.  Hope you find relief.


by Loretta - 2023-08-15 13:30:48


I'm two years into my Medtronic pacer. This last year I've experienced an increase in pain and tenderness in the area around my pacer and random sharp shooting pains, like lightning strikes in the chest, and heart area. I've been to a cardiologist who brushes it off because all my pacer checks are normal, so I gave up on complaining about it and just deal with it.

I'm at 30 percent stenosis as of two years ago and was told no way I could have increased above 30 at my age (60) and not to worry. Probably time for a second opinion.

Hoping you can figure it out and know you are not alone !




by georgeazarmitchell - 2023-09-13 17:56:25

My first ICD was implanted in Brunswick,ga. at a small hospital. After I returned home to Atlanta,I kept getting a sharp-picking pain with every step I took. I went to my Electrophysiologist at the V/A, she said one of my leads was not placed correctly and was sticking through the wall of my heart to my diaphragm. The next day she attached the lead properly and pain went away. I have just had my third  ICD 3-wire system put in . There should be no pain GET IT CHECKED OUT! Geo

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