leads dislodgment & damage

Hi i have a question about lead damage and dislodgement in a pacemaker. 

Leads are made of CoCrMo-based alloy .

which in fact is tougher than stainless steel . 

does this mean that lead damage mainly occurs at the base of origin which is the pacemaker unit . 

would a stretch with heavy weights dislogde the leads ???  would a heavy blow away from the pacemaker unit damage the leads in the middle .

in other words would they break in half ?? 


what is dangerous after the initial 3-6 month recovery period ????



Reason for Q's?

by Penguin - 2023-08-15 17:47:22


I wonder why you are so concerned about lead dislodgement and damage? 

I believe that the risks are not terribly significant and that there is little need to worry unless you have something going on which points towards a cause for concern. Is there anything currently?

Things can go wrong with any device or diagnosis at any time, but I feel that it's most sensible to field those problems when and if they occur rather than going through a list of 'might happens' and worrying about them.

How easy would it be for you to let your worries go for now? You can always re-visit them if something happens.  



by Lavender - 2023-08-15 17:56:03

I read that you're a fighter. Thing is, you seem to be assessing the risk of continuing your sport. Contact sports should be discussed with the dr who put your device and leads in. You can't just assume that if they're only likely to break with certain jabs or kicks, then it's safe. You have one heart. Sometimes we have to give up things to protect it. 

fighter and exercises

by TPMP001 - 2023-08-15 21:18:56

knowledge is always good , some people confuse precaution with stress , but its not . 

i kknow i wont box again or fight and will avoid jujitsu , due to so many twists and turns with weight on top fo at least for 6 months . 

i might try with a pad for protection a roll with lighter guys . 

trust me im good so wont make beggineer mistakes . 

my questions is to undeerstand the anatomy of what could cause lead damage and avoid . 

wrestling is mostly attacks to the legs  and core using body motion and techniquee not raw turning poweer . 

doing weights i like deadlifts and chest , but is flyes stretching the leads to much , due to the angle of the twist with weight or is a push worse . 

will a playful punch from my son on doing pads with someeone who misses be a danger . 

my questions are to avoid and become more confident over time and do the things i love with limitations not overconfidantly and stupidily . 


by AgentX86 - 2023-08-16 01:36:30

You're not going to dislodge the leads from the heart.  The opposite is the problem.  A failed lead takes a specialist and specialized (laser) tools to dig out of the veins. There is plenty of slack (often coiled up under the device) to take up any normal motion.

The issue is kinking or crushing the lead or trapping it between whatever is impacting it and the clavicle. My EP said that I can do whatever exercise I want except free-weight presses. Again, the problem is the weight catching the lead between the bar and the clavicle.

There is no shield that will help.  It'll just spread the impact over a wider area but perhaps even amplify the impact (lesser total impact footprint). It might even give a false sense of security.

As always, check with your doctors.


by Penguin - 2023-08-16 04:17:36

Ah! You're quite right. I had assumed that you were unnaturally anxious.

 I understand now why you are asking these questions! 

Apologies for any offence caused. 

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