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Hard to beleive another year with my pacemaker.  Again the reader would not stay on without me holding it.  Guess am to thin.  Yes, AgentX86 it does hang around my neck.                                                                                                        Did say many more Afib episodes since my last quartely remote transmission.  This time was at 12% compared to the previous quarter of 17%.       Had 2 Vt-NS this quarter so far lasting  a couple of seconds,  1 VT-Mon again a short time.        9.2 years left on my battery.                                            If the nightly  transmission shows  something  different , she gets the alert.  Will then contact my Cardiologist who will of course notify me.                     Did tell her i had started a new supplememt called Natto-Serrazime  and had reduced the Algal Oil.  Had wondered if they had been the cause of the increased Afibs.    So i will see if in fact their is a difference at my quarterly remote transmission,  Sept 20.  She did say Stress is the greatest cause for sure.                                                                                                                       Walked over for my 30 minutes of excercise for the day.  Quickly on the way back as the heat was reaching the high 90's.

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Less total time spent in Atrial Fibrillation

by Gemita - 2023-08-24 12:13:58

Mary thank you for the update.  I am a little confused, nothing unusual, I know, because your post says 

“Did say many more Afib episodes since my last quarterly remote transmission.  This time was at 12% compared to the previous quarter of 17%?”  

This suggests to me at least that your total time spent in Afib was found to be lower at 12% this time, although from the comments received, it would appear you had more frequent, but shorter episodes of Atrial Fibrillation this time than in the previous quarter. 

I think you can afford to be quietly optimistic that you are still doing all the right things Mary.   Your total time spent in Atrial Fibrillation has reduced from 17% to 12%.   If we see a similar trend or at least no change at your quarterly remote transmission on September 20th, that would be good news.

I see you continue to have a few non sustained VT episodes and that your battery is set to last for a while yet, estimated at 9.2 years.

Will you be followed up by your Cardiologist Mary, since I believe you have a few questions you wish to ask from your last post?

total time spent

by new to pace.... - 2023-08-24 12:30:39

As always thanks Gemita for your thoughtful comments. Yes,   i did have some questions that i got from those on this site.  But will wait until i see the cardilogist next March for my yearly touch base with her.                                 Since i seem to be doing ok.  No need to rock the boat.  Did  check some  Afib epsiodes from the dates and time from this check an they seem to correspond to when i had my reactions to some of the food that i eat.  That puts me to sleep for a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes.

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