I just had my pm surgery yesterday is it normal to have pain in my right side constantly? 


Right side?

by Penguin - 2023-08-31 18:14:38

Did you have your PM implanted on the right side and you have pain from the implant site? If so yes you are likely to have a little pain around this area from a fresh wound. Usually it can be helped with an over the counter painkiller.  Ice also helps but keep the wound dry. 

It's usual to have it implanted on the left. Perhaps the reason for a placement on the right is why you are in pain? If it persists speak to your doctor.

I hope it improves for you.

Right side pain?

by Gotrhythm - 2023-09-01 15:03:57

I too am a little confused by question.

As Penguin says, it's usual for the pacemaker to be implanted on the left side of the chest. And it's pretty common to have pain there too after the surgery.

If the pacemaker was implanted on the right, then yes, it wouldn't be unusual to have some pain there. The amount of pain varies widely. Some people have none or almost none, while others have more.

But if your pacemaker is on the left, then pain on the right side would be unusual and would call for some explanation of what's happening and why.

I have it on the right side too

by chandler_vt - 2023-09-02 11:05:34

I have the pacemaker on the right side because doctors couldn't find a vein big enough for the leads. They said there was some stenosis, so moved to the pacemaker to the right. 

If OPs pacemaker is the right, then pain is normail. I had bruising and pain for up to 6 weeks. I just recently started to feel better and have been using the right hand more.

Just pay attention for signs of infection -- redness, increases in swelling, fever etc. Call your team if any one of the symptoms show up

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