I had a PM (bradycardia) installed Jan 20/22.  It was intended to be a 3 wire cadliiac version.  Setup was completed and I was sent home.  During evening sleep I experienced a total body nerve event.  Vibration lasted about an hour.  Ambulance to hospital,  reset PM.  Experienced repeat event.  Clinic was unable to set PM without causing various versions of .  Decided to eliminate one wire from functioning.   ( apparently it was having issues with phrenic nerve.).  Now have a two wire ford version of PM). Fast forward Dec 22,  went afib,  added BLOOD THINNER.  Fast forward Sept 3/23.  5:00 a.m.  sleeping with hands on chest,  WHAM...arms shot straight out like piston.  Remainder of body in muscle spasm.  Thought this it?.  Breathing routine focused?.3/4 hour to calmness. 7:a.m. feeling better.  Wow..!  Fairly restful day...hints of anxiety.   11:15 p.m. body shivers,  shakes,  medium muscle spasm.  Got out of bed to focus on breathing and walking...calmness. ( I am in a fairly remote area with limited Wi-Fi and no remote monitor.  I have been in contact with PM clinic and hopefully someone will get back to me today.  My shock plan advises no driving so need clearance from clinic.  There was a suggestion my PM is not able to emulate SHOCK events ???  Currently feeling well but tired after an atavan night.

Soo....Anyone out there that has had experience with PM Shock events?😓



by Tracey_E - 2023-09-05 15:03:09

That is so not normal! ICD's shock, pacers just deliver a tiny little signal that makes the heart beat. Have they mentioned repositoning your leads? Sounds like you've got at least one that is either in a bad place or didn't stay put. Don't let them brush you off. 

shock event?

by Julros - 2023-09-05 19:53:07

I have a CRT (3 wire ), that was upgraded to an ICD last year. When the first one was implanted, I had visible twitching in my pectoral muscle, which dissappeared after my first adjustment. A few months later, my diaphragn started to twitch and my GERD flaired. The clinic was able to adjust so that the phrenic nerve stimulation did not occur. I did not expericience any pain during the twitching, just annoyance. 

I've had no further incidents. I've been told if my ICD does fire, then the clinic will be notified immediately. And yes, if and ICD fires, I think driving is restricted for 6 months. 

I concur with Tracey. It seems like they ought to be able to replace, or reposition your leads.

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