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Hello again, everyone.  Thank you for all the help you have provided to me in a different ..thread?  
I know I will be getting the info I am asking here sometime today but waiting is not my best trait so here's my question:

My 14 Yr old dual chamber Medtronicpm went  into safe mode Aug 15th.  I wanted to get the battery replacement asap and it is scheduled for tomorrow, Sept 7.  I had the echo yesterday and the report said I have mild regurgitation in the tricuspid valve.  LVFF 45.  " Compared to the prior study the findings on this echo indicate a decrease in LV function (previously 55-60%). From a 2016 study.

I know I read somewhere that that may be due to the pm being in Safe mode but I can't find that part.

Does this sound like something that may affect my battery change appointment tomorrow?  I've called and also left a message in the patient portal.  I hope no news is good news but I've been perseverating about it all day.  
Thanks for any help!




by USMC-Pacer - 2023-09-06 14:28:01

Ejection fraction is an estimate via echo. Mine changes nearly everytime they do an echo. It varies up and down at least 5%. There is a condition which can affect your EF called PICM (pacing induced cardiomyopathy) you could mention that to your EP. If you are staying with a 2 lead device, I've read that placing one lead at the HIS bundle v the lower right ventricle works for some. Again, your EP should discuss that with you.

I was upgraded to a 3 lead CRT do to low EF. As low as 20% at one point. My EP called it PICM. It was probably a combination of that and too much alcohol :) Now, my EF averages 45-50% - nice improvement, but I want to see more at my next echo.

At 45%, I wouldn't worry too much especially if you are asymptomatic. Again, I'm not a DR., just soome dude writing in a message board. Hopefully I gave you some pointers that help and that you can discuss with your EP. 

Good luck tomorrow. Praying for a great outcome for you! :)

Thanks USMC

by Lulu2468 - 2023-09-06 14:51:48

Haha, loved your comment about alcohol.  
So the 3rd lead thing is what I'm worried about.  It has been discussed in the past but I don't recall any details.  
I opted for the fastest appointment with first available Dr.  Mine have all retired so starting anew.  As it turns out, I got the head of the EP department.  All the Drs get great reviews.  I also,opted to forgo the sedation, as they could schedule that quicker.  
If anything in the echo changes the course, well, that would be a bummer.  Thanks for your input!  Hope you can raise your EF.  Do people w/o pm's have like 100%…?

Head of Department

by Penguin - 2023-09-06 15:08:30

Head of Department sounds reassuring!

I know the echo has been very recent, but I'm sure that the report will have found it's way to the consultant and I'm sure they will discuss it with you and answer all of your questions beforehand.

Re: people without PMs - no they don't have 100% EFs. I think that EF norms can be dependent on many things. 


Do people w/o pm's have like 100%…?

by USMC-Pacer - 2023-09-06 16:04:14

I can copy and paste better than I can type.. :)

Copy and paste that link in your browser... a good read about EF

Don't get too worked up about the heart failure / cardiomyopathy as it could very well be device related. Again, your EP will have all your answers. And it sounds like you are scheduled with a great one. You're in good hands! 

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