I am due for a pacemaker change..

Between two and 5 months I am get new pacemaker.  Mine is eight years old. They check battery getting low. Not sure if I was told. The new ones are 1/3 smaller or 1/3 as big as mine from 2015, matronic. Told it is out patient procedure. In and out by the afternoon. If anyone has had a change recently.  I would appreciate any advice, or what to expect. 



by Tracey_E - 2023-09-06 18:23:55

I'm on my 5th. Sometimes they're a little larger, sometimes a little smaller. I've never actually felt a difference. 

I've always been home fixing my own lunch. It'll either be done under local or conscious sedation so easy recovery.

If your leads are in good shape, they'll have the new box ready to go, disconnect the old and check the leads, connect the new, close. Super easy! Most of the pain the first time was creating the pocket, this time it's scar tissue. Most of the restrictions the first time were new leads, none of that this time. 


by tommiker70 - 2023-09-07 10:21:15

Very helpful. 

New PM battery

by Lulu2468 - 2023-09-07 16:09:08

Hi Tommiker.  I just got my 3rd battery replacement this morning.  I agree with everything Tracey said above, with this exception:  I didn't make my own lunch.  I was offered a sandwich - turkey- in the recovery room which I accepted and brought home to eat!😄

The Dr. discovered my leads from 1998 had some insulation that was worn away causing the leads to rub against each other and he corrected this also by putting some kind of material between them.  
Good luck with your procedure.  I had built mine up in my mind which proved unnecessary.  
You got this!

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