I'm new here and just got my ICD implanted 09/06/2023, three days ago. 
 I might be 66 years old but I'm not ready to slow completely down.   I've been a skilled trades welder, maintenance/construction since 1976 also a hobby farmer.   Have pigs or cattle at times, put hay up every summer. 
  I believe the hardest part is knowing that I can't just go out to the garage and turn on the welder or work on my tractor's engine while running.  Use a chainsaw or worry about getting a electric shock from wiring or electric fence.  
 Coping and changing my mindset is very difficult.   Probably if I get a shock it'll be enough to get me to have someone else do the work.  
  Also I'm still working at a automotive manufacturing company.  Working on heat treat  furnaces. I'm around electric furnaces and induction hardening equipment. Sometimes I've worked in or pass through high voltage transformer rooms.   
 So you can see why coping is hard for me. 
   And I'm not sure the plant doctor will let me hire back in from sick leave. 



by Tracey_E - 2023-09-09 18:26:23

First, has your doctor said you can't do these things or have you just been reading online? 

Your ICD will shock you when your heart stops or goes into a dangerous rhythm. Outside things should not cause it to shock you. 

We need to avoid ARC welding. Other forms of welding are generally considered ok. 

A very few people are told not to ride lawn mowers or get too close to large engines, but most of us do not have that restriction. The key is to keep it more than 6" from your device, which isn't hard because even working on an engine, we don't get that close. 

If your place of work has an issue, see if they can test for EMF. We've had other members do this and it satisfied the workplace.

You can also call the manufacturer. They will have a list of things to avoid. Compare that list to what your doctor tells you. 

Remember that a lot of what you read on the internet is not set in stone fact for everyone. It may be fact for some, it may be old news, it may be just plain incorrect. You may end up with some restrictions, but I have a strong feeling the list will be considerably shorter than you think it will be. 


by #1welder - 2023-09-09 18:44:45

Stacy you'll have to tell me what EMF stands for. 


by skigrl3 - 2023-09-09 20:18:51

I can't speak to the welding piece but if you have always been athletic, you probably always will be. Skiing is my thing and I thought the pm might end that. I knew I needed to move forward, intuitively so I did. PM in May 2022. Skied some scary stuff in Colorado and Canada last winter, so the athletic stuff can still be done. Under doctors advice of course.


by Tracey_E - 2023-09-10 08:19:54

Electromagnetic field

Welcome, #1welder

by Onion_Custard - 2023-09-10 21:07:26

I know what you mean about changing mindsets! I was told I didn't need to make any lifestyle changes, but that doesn't mitigate the fact that my circumstances have significantly altered permanently.

You sound incredibly active, which ought to be of help with everything. A heart that's used to Working is gonna handle bumps in the road better. Best of luck to you.

Welcome Welder

by Makokiller - 2023-09-11 19:36:04

I know about changing your lifestyle, I used to fly planes, but now that's out the window!! I am still taking that one pretty hard. I also used to do some welding, it just really sucks, to put it bluntly!

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