Ejection fraction

Hi has anyone had an issue with their ejection fraction??? 



by Penguin - 2023-09-12 05:54:36

Yes, there are lots of people on here who have had a low EF%. 

Did you have a specific question about yours?

keep an eye on it

by Tracey_E - 2023-09-12 09:20:09

I have an echo every year to keep an eye on it. A small percentage of paced patients see a drop in EF due to pacing. It can be treated, that's why we watch it closely. 

Ejection Fraction

by Selwyn - 2023-09-12 14:25:30

There is a large variation with ejection fraction. There is a large variation with different centres taking measurments.


Even those with renal failure may have to take these measurements 'with a pinch of salt', as the saying goes. Even worse is the fact that there can be +/- 14% variability with the technicians taking the measurements.  A normal range of 55-70% indicates this variability. 





Please see your latest post

by Lavender - 2023-09-12 22:25:55

I see that you're worried about your son and his EF. Please see your latest post. 


by dwelch - 2023-09-19 01:43:39

I started at 18 years old, been doing this for 36 years and on device number five.   Somewhere around number two or three they started annual echos to keep an eye on my EF, first off with complete block, which I have, and then RV pacing the EF can drop and so they watch it.  Mine was not great to start, but when it got down into the 30s it was time for a biventrical, fortunately that did help and it is now higher than it has ever been.


Request An Echo

by AngVal - 2023-10-17 19:21:01

I had a pace maker put in a little over a year ago.  100% heart block on the electrical side. My EF was 55.  I have felt terrible for about 5 months and was dismissed multiple times. I had to get pushy to get some anwsers. My ef is now 13 and I am in heart failure because of the pacing. I am on heart failure meds for 90 days before I have the biventrical or the defibulator put in.  I have currently been in a life vest for 2 months.  It is not something to let go.  I will be requesting an echo on the regular now.  No one nows your body and capibilities better than you. Don't let them dismiss you.

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