Still getting used to a pacemaker

Implant date 8/4/23, dual chamber (left bundle pacing) for AV block (hx of 1st degree block, RBBB, LAFB, Mobitz I (a lot) and symptomatic 2:1 AV Block with exertion, PVCs, PACs and atrial tachycardia. Although i dont seem to get the 2:1 block with exertion anymore, i began to pace almost right away with walking exercise, i can feel it and its weird, at device check they said it was normal that the pacemaker is doing its job, but it lasts about 30 minutes after my walk. Settings AAIR/DDDR, 60-130, 45% atrial pacing, 0.8% ventricle pacing.. I seriously dont understand what the whole goal of the pacemaker is in regards to the AV blocks i have, i do feel much better though, just having some anxiety about the pacemaker i guess. 


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by Lavender - 2023-09-19 19:51:50

You might be able to get further settings adjusted.  My rate response is turned off because I don't need it. You need to describe those exact symptoms to your pacemaker technician. 

I have AV block as well. Mine is set at DDD60

The whole goal of the pacemaker is to keep your heart beating inspite of the block which prevents the signal from getting from the sinus node to the ventricles. 

Welcome aboard. Sorry you're having some anxiety but I can assure you that in time, not only will your body heal but your brain will also accept this change in your life.  😉

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