Neck Issue?


I hope everyone is well. I firstly want to thank the commentors from my last post, you provided some very useful imformation, I spoke to my hospital and they said that the increase in heart rate is completely fine and a normal human body reaction to alcohol consumption, and that they are not at all concerned by that. 

I have had an issue that has been on my mind for a long while now that I have never got round to finding an answer for. I have been feeling a weird pressure in my right neck vein and ear for about six months now, when I lay down the vein buldges out and I can feel a pressure in it and in my ear, and when stood up I feel the same pressure. 

It is a very uncomfortable feeling and causes some anxiety too due to not knowing what it is. When I first researched this matter the first example was JVD, but after my recent all good echo im sure this can be ruled out? 

I am reallu unsure what is causing this pressure in the vein and ears, everytime I lay down, bend over or move it is felt more. I have asked the hospital about it and they say it is normal, so I was wondering if any of you lovely people have any idea what may be going on please,


Thank you so much,

Hayden x


some thoughts

by Gemita - 2023-09-23 03:43:28

Hayden, I see from your comments that your doctors are saying your neck symptoms are “normal” so I am assuming that they have actually investigated your symptoms to confirm that this is actually the case?  If not, then with respect you should ask them to do so and not to place all your symptoms in the “anxiety category”.  Now that that is out of the way, what could be causing your symptoms you ask?  

As an arrhythmia sufferer with both Afib and NSVT episodes, I can experience on occasions, pressure, pulsations and discomfort in my neck/ears and this is often associated with a high heart rate, or an irregular heart beat, since blood flow to the head can be compromised during an irregular or sustained fast heart rhythm.  Now I am not suggesting you have the same problem, but I am just telling you about one potential possibility for these symptoms which is why it is important to ask them to rule out anything significant?

Jugular Vein Distension or Carotid Artery Disease - I expect they have ruled both of these out from either physical or other examinations?  As an arrhythmia sufferer yourself, it is important that certain specific checks are made since a clear echocardiogram may not pick up a problem in your neck Jayden!  

Your comments “I am really unsure what is causing this pressure in the vein and ears, every time I lay down, bend over or move it is felt more. I have asked the hospital about it and they say it is normal”.  Well they might mean “everything appears to be normal” from perhaps physical examination, but your neck discomfort as described is clearly not normal and if it is causing you worrying symptoms, you need to return to your doctors for further assessment and explanation. 

In the meantime, keep a diary of when neck symptoms occur, how long these last, what time of day this happens, what you were doing at the time it happened (e.g. lying down, exercising, socialising and drinking alcohol(!)), whether you noticed any heart rhythm disturbances at the time or had any other symptoms to correlate your neck pain to your symptoms?  An arrhythmia, particularly a fast or an irregular one, can certainly adversely affect blood flow to the head.  I have witnessed this time and time again in the past, but with anticoagulation (Edoxaban) and a heart rate control medication (beta blocker, Bisoprolol), my symptoms rarely occur now.


Neck problems

by vmarshmellow - 2023-09-23 12:19:33

Hi! Do you have any other neck issues? You may want to do some reading on cervical spine instability.

I recently found this information and believe in my case my neck problem symptoms in combination with my bradycardia, arthritis and mirgraines presented a myriad of weird symptoms.



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