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I have had  apacemaker for several years now and I have seveal things I know I can't do.   where I work I can't work in he department with a microwave oven the size of a small car, I can't drive an electric powered fork lift. and I can't ge within 1 ft of our power panels with my chest.     also I can't operate a welder or chain saw.     

but now I am seeing these pole saws with a little 10 inch chain saw on the end and powered by a 20-80 volt lithium battery.    those are safe for us to use right?    its the same as using an electric drill I would think. especially if I get one on the end of an 8 ft pole. or even hand held I would think.   any one know the answer to this?  thanks in advance. 



by piglet22 - 2023-09-23 07:38:42

I have almost every power tool under the sun used all around the house.

I've also had a pacemaker in since 2005, though not the same one.

No tool, mains powered or battery powered has ever caused a problem. That includes brushed, brushless, permanent magnet types, all motor types. Up to 2-kW routers etc., and obscure things like ultrasonic baths.

I keep away from powerful magnets like the rare earth ones, but still have plenty of those around including very powerful clamping and pickup types. When I say keep away, I mean more than 30-cm.

For what it’s worth, I use a Stihl FSE81 240-V AC strimmer slung by a harness with the motor end quite close to me, and regularly use a Makita mains powered hedge trimmer.

On that basis, I would have no hesitation in using the sort of trimmer you are talking about, and it should be absolutely safe for you to use.

But, as always, I must add that this is my experience and ultimately you must decide for yourself.

No-one here is going to be able to advise on your specific circumstances, nor is any professional unless they have tested your device against your particular tool.

As general advice, go for well known branded stuff that has gone through regulatory testing for RF interference and safety standards. Only once have I come across anything with specific pacemaker warnings and that was a magnetic sludge remover in the central heating system. Even that caused no problems.

Bear in mind that many pacemakers are MRI safe, they do have a mode that can be changed while a magnet is held close to the device. The effect is non-latching and the pacemaker returns to normal when the magnet is removed.

Plus, you can guarantee that pacemaker manufacturers will have put their devices through every test available.

dont see how it could possibly...

by dwelch - 2023-10-07 07:24:22

yeah dont see how it could possibly have an effect even if the battery was near your hands.  It would be no different than a battery powered tool, sawsall, drill, etc.   and none of those would concern me.  Not sure I even belive the chainsaw one.   Microwave oven the size of a car?  Not sure I guess I dont know what they use to power the microwave, but if  a commercial product then it would have gone thorugh a lot of regulatory testing involving the fields it generates.

some of those things I can believe, particualrly at work where it is not so much an actual risk but the companies legal staff having fears...and in that case most places would just say sorry you cant work here.   We had a shake table and I was not allowed in that room for a week or so while we got educated on the subject and rented an gauss meter that went high enough.  I had to stay more than 6 inches away from the panels, which were not where I would be standing anyway...

If the pole saw is a problem then every power tool that uses those batteries is a problem as is a whole ton of other devices that are.........not a problem.....

IMO your primary concern with a pole saw is the shape and size and trajectory of the branch you cut off and if you are lucky enough to have cut it in the shape of a spear and it falling/flying like a dart and you dont get out of the way before it penetrates your body.  That is the primary concern.  Actually if very very lucky it will hit the pacemaker and will be deflected from pentrating the body...where a non pacer patient would have it pentrate their chest cavity.


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