Hi. Just got a pacer on Sunday night.  Had no clue I had any issues with my heart. No conduction issues I was aware of.  Was bradycardic Saturday evening, didn't feel well so went to the er .  Progressed to a third degree block by Sunday evening. Had surgery at 930 pm with a half hour notice. Not a hospital that had an electrophysiologist there.     My question is, is it normal to feel like I've skipped a beat when I've taken a bite of food, chewed and swallowed it


skipped beat

by dwelch - 2023-10-07 04:39:53

Someone wil remind me what the term is but the skipped beat is actually an extra beat, you get one too fast before there is enough blood to pump, then there is a pause to when another one should come and that one hits harder and you feel it.  

Related to eating, maybe that is your party trick to make it happen.  

If it is what I describe, you are, a week into this, you should have a couple of visits to tune this thing and even a  week into this the electrical connection on the heart end is changing as your body grows scar tissue around the tip of the lead.   So based on my experience (five pacers) in a few weeks you probably have an in office visit and in a few months another.  Both of them are to check that the pocket is healing, but also they will do an interrogation and check the settings basically, check if the leads are working, etc.   If they need to make adjustments they will.  

if this is happening a lot before that few week visit, or any time something like this is going on, dont hesitate to call, you may get a nurse not the doc, but make the cal anyway.  

Ahh I see it on the side pane of the web page.  PACs and PVCs, the PVCs are the ones I am thinking of premature ventrical contractions, the ventricals are the big ones and you feel those if they kick.

if you have a three lead, my device number five is a three lead, biventrical.  The heart is not centered, leads on one side can kick muscles other than those in the heart, I think one nurse or tech asked if i was getting belly bumps.  And i do on rare occasion, seems like I have to be tired, standing the right way and take a deep enough breath and then I get a couple of kicks, they are not in the heart they are tummy muscles so is that what you are feeling?

Hmm okay so, does this mean you do not have an EP yet?  I guess that is part of the challenge, but someone put it in you and they have a practice somewhere and that practices may or may not have an EP (I have had docs that did it all, my current doc is actually multiple the EP manages the day to day (year to year) but someone else does the surgery).  This could be an opportunity to shop around, call all the practices and ask the question, see how you feel with the response.  if you dont like how the next visit goes that is not an emergency, maybe consider switching docs.  Very important IMO to find a doc you trust and then trust the doc you found.

Hi Kris🍁

by Lavender - 2023-10-07 11:04:46

Sorry to hear of your unexpected new battery powered heart. Surprises like these take time to understand. You're so new with this. How you feel now is not how you're going to feel in days, weeks, months. 

Your neck might be swollen in there from where they placed your leads (wires). You will feel lots of sensations that are foreign. In my state, we are seen in one week post surgery for a wound check. You can mention this to your doc then. 

An EP put in my pacemaker. I met him in the preop room just before surgery. I saw him the next morning before discharge. He said that I won't see him again unless there are problems. 

My cardiologist has seen me for all other visits. After the one week wound check, there was a five week post surgery pacemaker check (interrogation). At that point, they turned it down some. It was initially set to 70 bpm to allow the wires to settle into the heart tissue. I felt less sensations once it was dialed back to 60bpm-where it says. 

May your healing go smoothly. May your brain adapt and accept this new body part quickly. I'm glad they caught this dangerous situation and fixed you!❤️‍🩹

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