Everyone, I had a three prong CRT-D implaned five weeks ago.  I never had any heart problems, but was diagnosed with a left bundle branch blockage in a routine EKGin preparation for surgery on my hand.  I was not fatigued, short of breath and had no symptoms.  Now after the surgery, I feel tired, my legs hurt and I am generally anxious at night when I go to bed.  I feel my heart beating.  I have monitoring on my cell phone.  No one has called me about any info my device has transmitted.  Is this normal?



by Julros - 2023-10-08 23:14:26

Hi LLF. I am sorry you are a member of our club, but I'm glad you're here!

I'm a little unclear as to the reason for your particular device. Usually people who are implanted with a CRT-D have or are at risk for reduced ejection fraction, and are at risk for life-threatening arrhythmias. Have you had an echocardiogram? 

In reading the stories here, you will see that every practice is a little different as to follow-up. Most people will return in about 2 weeks for a wound check, and then again in 4-6 weeks for their first device interrogation and possible settings adjustments. 

 I suggest you reach out to your EP or Cardiologist about what is the schedule for follow-ups. It is not unusual to feel some pacing. This should go away when they adjust your settings. 

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