I'm officially in ERI as of October 8. This group is wonderful with sharing information. Looks like I'll be getting my first pacemaker replacement in the near future. Any words of wisdom on what to expect?


Hi there

by Lavender - 2023-10-13 21:31:18

I haven't been through this yet. I'm sure someone here will soon reassure you this goes smoothly for the most part.  We will all get there! 

Easy peasy!

by LondonAndy - 2023-10-14 06:26:45

I am 100% dependent on my Medtronic W3DR01, which is my second device. When the replacement was done in October 2022, I was in and out of hospital the same day, no pain, either during the procedure or afterwards. They did it under local anaesthetic, and a screen is placed besides/over your head so you can't actually see anything.

I am in the UK, so not sure if things are done differently in Tennessee

ERI - replacement is a piece of cake

by Good Dog - 2023-10-14 07:12:47

You and I have very similar Medtronic PM's that were implabted the same year. I will be hitting ERI sometime in the next 6 months or so. I have to ask how you are feeling, because at ERI there are some automatic changes that take place. You should now be pacing at 65 bpm and the unit is now pacing only the ventricle. It may slow you down a little, but it is safe. It is designed to preserve battery life. I did not feel good when it hit ERI, but some folks do just fine. Anyway, Medtronic no longer makes those changes at ERI in all the new PM's so you won't have to deal with that again. If you are not feeling well, ask your Doc to get you in asap. Regardless, nothing to worry about!

The change-out of the generator is absolutely a piece-of-cake. I went in the morning and was home in the afternoon feeling just fine. A little sore at the incision site, but otherwise completely normal. The most important thing is to follow their instructions to insure the PM site is kept clean and dry so it heals properly and quickly. That is it! When I had my 3rd generator implanted the Doc started making the incision before they anesthetised me. Ouch! He apologized and then they gave me the happy juice.

I wish you the best!



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