Almost 2 years


I'm not far off 2 years since pacemaker fitting ( duel chamber )

I'm now told I'm permanently in AF , but they didnt tell me what it means . They did mention referring me back to arithma nurses ! 

Also during last check up , they said I'd feel a bit light headed! I ended up half on the floor / half on the chair . I remember shouting " s**t " as a kneejerk reaction to what ever they did !! To say I had a wave wash over me is an understatement!! It was a horrible experience! They said they were checking the leads !!!! 

I'm definitely not going to be wanting that experience again . I just wish they'd explain a bit more - about what their doing 




by USMC-Pacer - 2023-10-14 15:05:52

Yes, I've had that feeling before. Everything goes dim with tunnel vision and I think I heard bells in my head, lol. Not pleasant. I think they are looking for an intrinsent HB. I complained and now they are much more careful not to go more than 1-2 beats (skipped). It's after that, you could pass out. 


The roller coaster

by Lavender - 2023-10-14 21:43:48

As part of the pacemaker interrogation, each lead is typically tested which makes your heart beat faster then they turn it back to see if your own heart's intrinsic beat comes through. They do not turn it down to less than 30 beats per minute.  

Some people are not affected by this at all. Some are strongly affected. Like me. I have no intrinsic beat. The cardiologist said while they're doing this test, you can feel that anxiety and lightheaded because your heart is not beating in synchronicity. 

This part lasts only moments. If you ask, they can put a note in there that you are sensitive to this test and take it easier. Mine now says not to test at all this way. I do pass out. 

Again, so many are not bothered by it, don't notice it. Some of us are much more affected. My first time, no one said a word and I felt my heart would pound out of my chest. When it was lowered. I got near blackout. 

Hopefully your medical team can instruct you how to manage your Afib better. I see that you were told a year ago that you're 100% in AFIB. 

The wave

by piglet22 - 2023-10-17 08:12:23

That's a good description. I call it the hump backed bridge moment and you go "whoa"

I thought they slowed the device down.

I'm near enough 100% dependent and always find it unpleasant to the point that it's in my notes.

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Your device acts like a police scanner.

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