Hi, I have a Biotronik pacemaker/defibrillator.  I was on Sotolol for 2 years that controlled afib.  It stopped working and I have just started amiodrone which has terrible side effects.  Anybody had experience with this drug.  Also, when I am in afib my plus stays stable at 70.  One option is to just not take amiodrone and live with afib.  I am 82 with hf also.



by Gemita - 2023-10-17 14:27:47

Hello Jude, I am sorry you are still battling Atrial Fibrillation (AF).  It really is a pest and I can see you are trying everything to try to stop it.  

Amiodarone is an anti arrhythmic medication that is usually tried when other meds have failed.  Our doctors like it because it can be very effective in treating AF.  However it does come with a number of nasty side effects and your doctor will need to carry out checks before and during treatment to make sure that you stay within safe limits since Amiodarone can affect the thyroid gland and rarely the lung and liver.  I haven’t tried it, but was offered it at one time.

If your AF is well managed, that is if your heart rate is controlled and you are on an anticoagulant if you need to be, some of us can live with AF quite happily, but others hate being out of rhythm, at whatever rate.  I for example cannot bear to be out of rhythm at whatever speed.  I get slightly breathless and extremely fatigued during episodes, especially if they are long lasting.  I cannot recall whether you have had an ablation.  I don’t think so.  

At 82 with heart failure I would want my AF stopped.  Have you spoken to your doctors about the possibility of an ablation? At 82, not sure whether you would still be a candidate for an ablation?  If you are not symptomatic then with a stable pulse of 70 bpm they probably wouldn’t be too concerned to do very much.  But what about you, how symptomatic are you with the irregularity of rhythm when in AF?  And do you have any other symptoms when you are in AF.  Are you in permanent AF or are your episodes still intermittent?  These are questions you need to ask yourself.  

My mother took Amiodarone for several months when she was in her early eighties and it was very effective in stopping her AF.  There are several members who have tried Amiodarone or who are on this med and I hope they will see your message and respond.

I hope for the best for you Jude

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