New pacemaker

Not too bad a complication. Before the pacemaker I never had insomnia, but now I have trouble getting to sleep roughly every other night. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing insomnia after implant. 



by Lavender - 2023-10-19 09:17:12

Not sleeping well for awhile after getting a pacemaker is the norm. Nerves and muscles have been cut, your heart is beating differently so for now, it's more noticeable. Your brain is on overload as it adapts from danger mode to safe mode. 

Do more during the day so you're more tired. Don't nap so much. Get out of the recliner. Go outside. Walk. Enjoy nature. Drink chamomile tea. Listen to self meditation on YouTube. Search Michael Sealey on youtube. He has lots of sleep/relaxation ones that put me out quick. 

It will get better. It will!🌺

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