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new to the forum and wanted to ask if there is anyone out there that has the maximum amount of leads fitted for their pacemaker? I have four sets of leads following 10 implants over 37 years. I'm 52 now and have four years left on my pacemaker battery. Just wondering if anyone has experience of having four sets of leads! And whether a different procedure has taken place to put new leads in so a replacement can be implanted.

hello, so the pacemaker is to my right side as they couldn't insert to the left. I have four leads in the same vein. There has been discussions with my cardiologist around extraction of the lead, which would require open heart surgery and having a heart surgeon close by to support the procedure. However I'm off the impression this is no easy procedure and the risks are significant! If this were to happen then I'm would need intense after care to manage any infections. If successful there could be a chance of having two very small wireless pacemakers that are inserted through my groin and upper part of my chest that are compatible with blue tooth and last ten years. However I have been told the first and second lead will be attached to be vein as they fur together, so there maybe a discussion around doing nothing at all. 


4 sets of leads?

by Good Dog - 2023-10-22 18:38:29

I find your story very interesting! I have only three leads. One in the atrium and two in the right ventricle. However, I may be getting a fourth lead if the Doc is able to find access though the vein. It is occluded or at least partially occluded. A vascular surgeon will assist with a balloon catheter to open the vein.

I would certainly like to learn more about the pros and cons of leaving leads in place vs. extraction. Especially the number you have and especially from the source (the patient with them). Could you please elaborate more on your situation such as:

Where your generator is located?

Did they mover it from left-side to right-side? 

How many leads are there through your tricuspid valve?

How do you feel with that number of leads? Any issues?

Do you and the Doc have a plan in the event your current leads develop issues?

Thanks so much. I look forward to learning more!




by JaneJ - 2023-10-23 01:20:28

I have three leads in, crt pacemaker.  I would think they probably wouldn't want to put to many leads through one vein.  It can cause problems with developing  svc syndrome and also possibly increase risk of blood clots.  But I understand hesitancy with removing leads that have been in a long time to.  Are all four of your leads on the same side?  Or did they put some on other side?

Hello again Jenko

by Good Dog - 2023-10-23 08:38:03

Thank you for the response! I was expecting it in a new commnent and I almost missed it. In any case, I appreciate the explanation. I find it interesting that they had not extracted any of your leads in your most recent procedure (generator change). Certainly, back in the earlier days of your generator changes, extraction was much more risky than it is today. However, today it can be performed much more safely and efficiently. Generally, extraction via catheter is the procedure used generally unless there are circumstance that require open heart. Usually, open heart is a last resort. I am guessing that you may have circumstances that preclude lead extraction via catheter?

I do understand that with your old leads it is much more difficult to extract. However, my leads are about the same age as yours and although we do not want to extract unless absolutely necessary, using a catheter is the means that will be used as opposed to open heart. You may have special circumstance that I do not understand. I have had a PM for 37 years also and I am on my 3rd generator. You wrote that you have had 10 implants. So I assume that many of those were lead replacements and not generators? Maybe you simply had a lot of leads that malfunctioned?

I would be interested to know more............

Thanks again for your gracious response.



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