Aerobic Exercise

Hi. 61 yo, received pacemaker just over 2 weeks ago due to several cardiac arrests from SND. Also managed to get cracked ribs and sternum from CPR and an aspiration induced pneumonia on the way to getting my pacemaker (Medtronic W3DR01 Azure S) so not a fun time. How long before I can start doing non-weight bearing aerobic exercise? Am walking reasonable distances now (up to 5 km) but not tackling any hills.



Go as hard as you feel able - no need to delay

by crustyg - 2023-10-23 05:30:04

My path to a PM was a lot smoother: PM implanted on Wed, out on road bike Sunday.

Swimming or complete immersion of the implant site is the key thing to watch from an infection perspective - that wound needs to be 100% healed first.

For you, deep breathing is probably more of a challenge, but there's no good reason why you should hold off walking up hills already.

Best wishes.

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