I've been on 160 mg of valsartan, 12.5mg of carvidellol, 5mg of amlodepine and 5mg of rosuvastatin since April.  I take them morning and evening.  Two times this  week, in the morning, I felt lightheaded, once when bending over to clean oven and the other time standing when cooking.  Both times were after taking morning medications.  I take blood pressure every morning and evening. They've been normal.  For My evening reading, I take it sitting and standing. It's been normal!  I'm puzzled?  I'm concerned about blood sugar now? I'm not diabetic and I do try to stay hydrated.  Any thoughts? 


Carvedilol and your other meds

by Gemita - 2023-10-28 15:38:50

Hello Happygirl, hope your non sustained VT is well under control.  What we need to remember is that medication that has worked well for months, perhaps even years can sometimes start to cause symptoms.  Looking at Carvedilol for example, I know this med widens blood vessels and this action may cause dizzy spells.

Please do not worry about other problems like diabetes.  I would focus on one of your meds being a potential cause first.  Try not to bend over or turn too quickly.  Do everything slowly to avoid losing balance.  I don't know if your doctors are able to reduce your medication dosage, or to allow you to take one or more of your meds once a day, at night, rather than twice a day.

I would speak to your general doctors too about Valsartan and Rosuvastatin.  Are they checking for any electrolyte imbalances like potassium which could lead to heart rhythm disturbances in any event.  I would ask for a review of all your meds.

What have you decided to do about an anti arrhythmic medication.  Have you started something that is helping that might be causing your dizziness?  I would also check your monitor downloads, or keep diary notes of the exact time when your dizziness occurs in case you can correlate these symptoms with an arrhythmia?  I can get dizzy spells when I my heart rate suddenly takes off.  As always, I wish you well


by Happygirl8 - 2023-10-28 15:55:18

Thank you for response! I got a second opinion,  which my doctor agreed, with before any antiarrythmic  meds will be taken.  I'm getting a cardiac pet scan next month to make sure they aren't missing anything with the structure of the heart! After those test results, we will discuss any other meds. Right now I'm on no new medications.  These lightheaded episodes just started this week.  They both were after I took my morning meds.  It's strange that I've been taking these meds since April with no issues? 

Can happen

by Gemita - 2023-10-28 16:30:02

I would get liver and kidney function tested and other bloods perhaps to see whether your meds are being adequately cleared from your system and are not building up in your blood stream?   It can and does happen.

You are being well cared for and the cardiac pet scan will give valuable information.  I wouldn't want to start a new med before you get the dizziness sorted.


by Happygirl8 - 2023-10-28 16:54:17

I just had hepatic panel done in September. It was normal. I had comprehensive metabolic panel done too.  Nothing was unusual.  I'm scheduled to get CBC and differential and vitamin D test done in 2 weeks! I had an electrolyte panel done back in March, it was normal.  When I take my blood pressure at night, my cardiologist always wants me to take it sitting and standing . It has been normal too?  I really don't think he'll reduce any blood pressure pills or discuss changing meds til I take that test in November.  I am pre diabetic.  I hope that's not the issue 

pre diabetic

by Gemita - 2023-10-28 17:37:12

As you will know, sitting and standing blood pressure values is to evaluate whether you suffer from orthostatic (postural) hypotension as you stand, or bend for example.

My husband has type 2 diabetes, now on insulin injections.  He mainly gets dizzy spells from his meds these days because of poor kidney function although very high and low glucose levels may cause this too.  I recall when he first had evidence of pre diabetes he had a change in vision (double vision).  A change in glucose levels was responsible we were told which can adversely affect vision.  

Since your last electrolyte check was in March, I would perhaps ask for another check.  Electrolyte levels can change due to many conditions and/or meds and you are on two meds that may affect potassium levels.

I hope your pre diabetes can be managed with diet and exercise alone.  We managed for years before my husband needed meds, then insulin.

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