ICD connection with loss of memory

My "heart story" is that of quite an interesting journey, but long story short, I had a dual ICD inserted in January of 23 along with an ablation for atrial flutter.  I continued with extreme fatigue and episodes of afib (no more a-flutter) and pvcs.  In September, the dr and ICD tech adjusted the settings on my ICD -- one of those tweaks being that they turned on Rate Response.  The tweaking didn't seem to help -- in fact, I think I have felt worse.  Then a little over a month after that appointment, I experienced a sudden loss of memory of  more or less the previous 4 days.  A trip to the local ER ruled out a stroke, but beyond that, they offered little info or advice.  (That whole ER experience is a story for another day.  All I have to say is, I'm glad my wife was there to inform them of my history before they did something that would have been disastrous.)  

My question is this:  could the ICD and the Rate Response being turned on have anything at all to do with the sudden memory loss?  Is there any cardiac connection to that type of episode beyond the usual thinking towards a stroke or TIA?  I have a call into the facility and drs that performed the insertion, which is 4 hours away from my home, and am waiting for their advice, but wondering if anyone else has seen anything like this before.  


memory loss

by new to pace.... - 2023-11-02 13:01:02

You might try avoiding any foods that contain Gluten. such as Wheat for starters.  As gluten could cause memory loss.  or if you are taking medications could be a side effect.

new to pace

Loss of memory

by Gemita - 2023-11-02 13:02:09

SDFarmer, no I do not think your ICD or Rate Response settings changes caused your symptoms, but an ongoing arrhythmia like atrial fibrillation (AF) or a ventricular arrhythmia could well be responsible.  

You tell us after your ablation for atrial flutter, you continued with extreme fatigue and episodes of AF (no more atrial flutter) and PVCs. Cognitive decline, loss of memory, brain fog in arrhythmia patients is not uncommon.  I get these symptoms frequently during my arrhythmias, especially one as irregular as AF which can adversely affect blood flow to the brain.  I am relieved to hear that your ER checks did not confirm you have had a stroke.  

You could ask what ICD therapies you have in place to treat your AF or what was changed on your ICD, or whether the loss of memory coincided with any ventricular tachycardia event that may have been detected and treated during the period you experienced memory loss?

Your Bio is empty.  May I ask what was the indication for your ICD?   Did you by chance have an ICD for heart failure (low ejection fraction) or for a dangerous ventricular arrhythmia?  I agree with new to pace, any meds you are taking too, could well be a cause for brain fog/fatigue, for example beta blockers. I shall be interested to hear what your doctors advise

Memory loss

by piglet22 - 2023-11-03 08:53:15

Memory loss is a pretty broad brush.

Is it you that notices it or do others notice it?

My short term memory is appalling at about 10 seconds retention. I can put the keys down and can't find them in minutes later.

It doesn't worry me but it keeps the neighbours entertained with descriptions of the keys that have walked off being very blue.

I don't think it's memory, but more of a distraction problem. Come in, new mail, put keys down, read letter, where are the **!!y keys?

My long term memory is excellent, and I can remember back to the pram.

It's probably worth getting it checked.

It does have advantages sometimes. why haven't you done the washing up? I forgot.

PM/ICD affecting memory? I doubt it but with reservations and never say never. Loss of four days recollection needs looking at. Have you tried remembering things that you do on a regular basis during that period, like shopping or travel? I might forget the exact day straightaway, but probably not the event.

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