Boston Scientific Programmer

Does anyone else have a Boston Scientific programmer??


Thx!  Nick


Can you tell us more???

by Gemita - 2023-11-04 23:15:14

Nick, would you care to tell us why you are asking?   From your comment it would appear you already have one. We do occasionally have members who want to programme their own pacemakers, if I have understood your question correctly or are we talking about a new home monitoring device that needs setting up?

Hi Nick

by Lavender - 2023-11-05 09:02:26

I have a Boston Sci CRT-P. 
I have a Latitude home monitor. 
I don't know anyone who has a programmer except the pacemaker tech when I see them every six months. 


by docklock - 2023-11-05 09:31:45

There is a very good reason that receipants of PMs don't have a programmer. It's not something to play/experiment with. Just my opinion and your mileage may vary.

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