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So I have 2 leads in each chamber. 1 broke in each.  2 leads are original and probably way too old to extract, one is capped. Not sure they are even game to try it at my hospital so considering US as option. Would love to hear how old your leads were when you got them extracted, where, complications, etc. Thanks.


Extraction scheduled on Nov. 27

by Loving Wife - 2023-11-06 12:03:33

Hi Cat

My husband's leads were around 5 years old when they started failing. He is set for extraction in a couple weeks and is very nervous. So, I'm anxiously awaiting others' input on this as well! Good luck in your research.


by Good Dog - 2023-11-07 11:25:28

It is important to note that complications from extraction of leads that are less than 15 years old is very minimal and (fatalities) are almost nonexistent. It is fast becoming a routine surgical procedure. However, I do understand the stress that this and/or any surgical procedure can cause. The specialists at the Cleveland Clinic are recommending extraction of leads when they are replaced instead of kicking the can down the road (leaving them in place and capping them). Much older leads have more risk in extraction.

Here is an interesting transcript to read and a podcast (paste in your browser):


In any case; it is in your best interests to find a Doc that performs at least 100 extractions per Doc. Experience really matters.





by Aberdeen - 2023-11-08 12:18:43

I have a CRT pacemaker. After 2 and half years I was told by the pacemaker clinic that my RA and RV leads were failing. I had been feeling unwell for a few months.

The leads were extracted easily and replaced by new ones. I have felt well since then.🤞

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