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This Tuesday, 11/07/23, I got a pacemaker upgrade from a single atrial lead to a duel lead (atrial, ventricular leads) due to pacemaker syndrome. The electrophysiologist also did a pocket revision and moved it up as my original pocket was in the breast tissue. I don't remember it hurting this much the last two times, and also keep getting sharp quick pains at the insertion area and by my heart. I'm taking Tylenol and keeping an ice pack on the area. Any other suggestions for pain management?

Thanks very much


I know those sharp sensations well and so does my husband

by Gemita - 2023-11-11 06:56:17

MCross, I am so sorry to hear of your discomfort.

The sharp, sudden sensations around the implant area sound almost nerve like.  Both my husband and I experienced this type of discomfort for a few months while we were healing.  (And we can all experience different symptoms and they can all be normal after an implant/lead insertion).

Unfortunately during implant, they can disturb delicate nerves and blood vessels which may cause a number of unsual symptoms.  I was already taking Pregabalin, a neuropathic pain med for another condition at the time which really helped, but given time, your symptoms should slowly ease.  If they don’t and you find them difficult to tolerate, then please speak to your doctors who may be able to help.

I see you have had a pocket revision and with the additional lead it will be more painful, and take longer to heal than would a simple device only change, but you should not have to suffer in silence.  Your doctors might offer you a different med to help with this type of pain until things settle for you.  

For the sharp, sudden pain, I found heat more soothing than ice.  I used heat in the area (warm water bottles) at night to help, but keep well away from your wound or any swollen, inflamed areas.  I wouldn't ice for long periods, may be 5-10 mins at a time, and remember to wrap the ice packs in a cloth or towel before applying which I am sure you are already doing.

The discomfort won't be forever and I hope that the procedure will give you lasting relief from your pacemaker syndrome and you will feel more comfortable very soon

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