Battery Monitoring - My message posted yesterday

I posted a message yesterday under the "Battery Monitoring" post that was intended to be a humorus post. I was making fun of some differences between the U.S. and the U.K. In no way did I intend to disrespect anyone. I was not at all serious about any part of it except for what I considered to be self-deprecating humor. 

The potentially offensive part of that message has been taken down now. I do realize that some folks may have been offended, because it lacked sufficient context to insure the reader knew I was joking. So for anyone that may have been offended by what I wrote; I want to express my sincere apology. 




I did not feel disrespected

by Julros - 2023-11-18 00:36:08

Hi Dave,

I saw your post yesterday and just took it at an attempt at humor. Context is often lost with text. I did not take your post to be cruel, just a little puzzling. 

Cheers to our similarities and differences! 


Thank you Dave

by Gemita - 2023-11-18 02:38:33

Hello Dave,

Oh dear, did I get it so wrong?  I apologise too.  I found your comments puzzling as well, seemingly coming out of nowhere in response to Jane’s post asking about battery monitoring. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us no harm was meant.  I am well aware of our differences and there was indeed a great deal of humour (humor) and truth in what you had to say.  But yes, I agree how easy it is to be misunderstood, to take something out of context when we post comments online but I hope that won't stop you commenting in the future Dave?  I would miss your contributions and I know others would too.


by piglet22 - 2023-11-18 06:02:06

Good Dog

You are quite right in saying there are differences between Brits and dare I say our trans Atlantic chums.

I like your directness and can do attitude. I like John Wayne movies.

There are big differences in health systems though and I suspect that if you you had our NHS as it is at the moment you would literally be up in arms.

It's not quite on its knees but not far off.

As I've said many times on here, the pacemaker service has been cut to the bone in my area.

From regular face to face clinics to getting a a phone call only when the numbers aren't right.

How would you react to that?

Brits being Brits just put up with it, c'est la vie.

I think Brits have every right to moan.

Couple this with a government tearing itself apart, rain chucking down and suddenly the wild west doesn't look so bad.


by Penguin - 2023-11-18 06:36:52

I found it refreshingly funny and lighthearted. 

No offence here. 

Americans must have a sense of humour !

by IAN MC - 2023-11-18 06:42:17

Hi Dave

No need to apologise ... your original message  amused me .

I always thought that Americans were lacking in humour until  I read that 74 million of you voted for Trump. I now  assume that everything coming from your side of the pond must be a joke !


Could we please try to keep politics out of this thread

by Gemita - 2023-11-18 07:20:08

Ian, I don’t want to censor you but shall we try to keep politics out of this thread?  Many members are Trump supporters and they won’t like your comments and will find them offensive as we experienced a few years ago.  Shall I remove them or will you kindly do so?  Thank you Ian

Gemita, IAN MC, Julros, Piglet22,

by Good Dog - 2023-11-18 08:43:50

Gemita: There is absolutely no reason to apologize. In my book; you can do no wrong! I know that your intentions were entirely honorable! Frankly, I realize that I do need to use more discrection before posting anything like that in the future.

Julros & Piglet22: Thank you for expressing your sentiments.

IAN MC: I know that we should not bring politics to this forum. Gemita is correct. However, I do agree completely with your assessment. Many of us here have a very legitimate fear of losing our democracy and our freedom. I'll say no more!




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