Wondering what to use to protect myself while welding. Also what kind and where to purchase a vest if that's the answer. 
  Thanks Rich Davis 


Welding is a problem

by crustyg - 2023-11-18 03:08:06

Traditional high-current arc welding is out for most of us.  Even the much lower current of Mig/Tig welding produces so much electrical noise that it's common for this to interfere with your device's sensing of the tiny voltages of heart muscle activation.  No 'vest' is going to be effective at stopping that electrical/radio-frequency noise from getting to your leads and PM.

I suppose the copper-sheath coveralls that the high-voltage engineers wear when working on live overhead cables could act as a Faraday cage to cut down the RF interference.

I think there are a few contributors here who do welding work successfully despite having an implanted PM.

Faraday cage

by piglet22 - 2023-11-18 05:21:41

Slightly off topic, but I walk a lot, quite often close to 132kV overhead lines.

I sometimes see large flocks of birds sitting on the conductors.

One of the lines appears to be an earthing line but the others, with large insulators will be at high voltage.

Are birds immune to high voltage?

Do they have well insulated feet?

Obviously, they aren't touching any other conductor.

Is it a case of a small body with low capacitance quickly reaching the high potential?

I can't think that any insulation on the copper or aluminium line in say wet conditions is going to keep out 132kV or more. The ceramic insulators are at least two feet long and the whole lot crackles in damp air.

Yes, seeing someone working live is a sight to see

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