This is for the 56-year-old guy who removed his post “No turning Back” and deciding YES – NO to Pacemaker.

75-year-old male here, fairly fit, and able for my age! The “No turning back” was an issue with me also, I agree it is difficult. I guess our egos go to being young and fit to that of being old and infirmed.

I had a device similar to a Holter ECG called a Zio patch for two weeks. I believe it gave my Cardio Dr enough information to go to a permanent Biotroniks Linq. This was 27/7 monitoring and revealed that I had low pulse for 36% of my time monitoring for 245 days. I also had a rather high number of single PVC’s, about 9,214 per day. I realized the onset of my heart conditions was “Silent and Illusive”.

I had very few symptoms, most notable when windsurfing, I started to get puffed out and had to cut down on lengthy sessions. Two years ago I had a torn bicep and pleurisy while windsurfing. I was hospitalized and upset at getting “old”. 

Last year I had become even more of a danger to myself and had to stop completely, my strength had weakened even more. In truth I had been gradually weakening over several years.

My Cardio Dr offered to fit me in the next day. I knew him well he had been treating my wife for four years, so it was a fairly easy decision. I read two years’ worth of hospital notes, called him up and said: “let’s go”.

I am seven weeks past my surgery and feel it was the right decision. Modern pacemakers are fantastic devices. It is a privilege to have one, I am very lucky to live in the Western World. My pacemaker gives the tools to my doctor to look after me.

I hope you come back to read these insights.

Good luck Andrew  



by Penguin - 2023-11-18 14:27:07

Thank you for that post Andrew. 

I don't think many of us like seeing ourselves as less able / older etc.  

Getting a pacemaker should set you up to push back the years for longer and (if everything else holds out!) we hope to hear that you're symptom free and feeling fitter and better. 

It helps a lot of people to hear stories like yours.  A worthwhile post. 

Best Wishes

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