Twitching on Left side after battery change

Can anyone give insight why (Dr said) diaphragm pacing is what I'm feeling right after dr replaced battery, said not to worry, which I am, but why would that of happened, and she adjusted settings once, but will another adjustment fix it? 

....Also, wanted to ask , I had a CRT first, but Dr couldn't put 3rd lead in because it was right after open heart for tricuspid repair, and it couldn't go through, 8 yrs later different Dr wanted to put dual lead without wire replacement, ok, but should she have put in same type of pacemaker, and is that something to do with phrenic nerve and twitching, really appreciate the help, thanks 



by Julros - 2023-11-18 20:29:37

Hi Joey, I am a little confused about your post. To my understanding, phrenic nerve stimulation usually occurs with and LV lead, also know as the third wire. The location of the LV lead puts it close to the phrenic nerve, but can usually be dealt with by adjusting the pacer settings. 

I had phrenic nerve stimulation after my first pacemaker implant. Well, actually half of my chest twitched until they turned down the output. After that, I realized my diaphragm was twitching, and triggering my gastric reflux. The manufacturers' rep was able to reprogram my device to stop the twitching. I might add, the twitching was positional, and worse at night, when I was laying down. 

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