2 and 3 lead Pacemakers

I have had a two lead pacemaker for about 8 years....I have had it replaced once because the battery aged and failed. I have developed fluid in my lungs which has been attributed to my heart. It has been recommended that I replace my two lead pacemaker with a three lead one. They say it will be more efficient. Has anyone had a problem like this and were you told the same thing? What has been your experience?
I would appreciate anything you can tell me related to this type of problem.


Three Lead Pacemaker

by SMITTY - 2007-08-04 05:08:47

Hi Norm,

First, let me say I’m no doctor and my comments are based some of my experiences that are similar to yours. I have a dual lead pacemaker that is seven years old; I also have congestive heart failure with an upper 30s ejection fraction. This has resulted in some fluid in my lungs. I have been told to expect a three lead PM when my current one is replaced or that I may need to go ahead and get the three lead job sooner if my CHF gets any worse.

As I understood what was explained to me, the three lead pacemakers which are also called a biventricular pacemaker and is used to help the heart beat better. The three leads are positioned in the heart to help it beat in a more balanced way. Two of the leads are implanted through a vein into the right atrium and right ventricle and the third lead goes through the coronary sinus vein to the left ventricle. The third lead prevents a timing delay in the contraction of the right and left ventricles letting the chambers to contract in sync thereby causing the heart to pump more blood with each beat.

You now have all I know about a three lead PM as I do not have one yet. I’ll now wait with you to see if someone with the three lead PM can tell us how well it works.

Good luck


Hi Norm

by hotform - 2007-08-05 01:08:27

My doctor gave me the 3 wire model because I am a runner and he had experience with others who liked to exercise and found that the 3 wire gives a more effective and balanced heartbeat.
They are a little more expensive and sometimes insurance companies can be reluctant.
I have been very pleased with mine and it seems that every time I get it checked I am using less voltage than at the previous check. Rick

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