Frozen Sholder

What is this and how do I prevent it?


Forzen Shoulder

by Silversmith - 2007-08-07 03:08:24

There are several things in addtion to keeping an arm/shoulder immobile after a pacemaker implant that can cause frozen shoulder. For an indepth discussion on this malady go to and input "frozen shoulder with pacemaker." In addition to telling what it is, it also tells of various treatments for frozen shoulder.


Dear Jocko

by bini - 2007-08-07 12:08:58

Frozen shoulder is a very painful thing to experience. After my surgery...I did not move my left are that much bc I was affraid of the wires coming out. So one morning I woke up and was unable to move my shoulder and had extreme pain in that area. I went to my cardiologist in fear that something was wrong with my PM and he told me I had frozen shoulder.
He told me to move my arm around a little after surgery, just not lift it above shoulder. He had me due exercises to losen the muscles.
It took a long time for me to recover, but I am now better.
I would just suggest moving you arm around a little every so often, just not above shoulder.


Frozen Shoulder... what now?

by dward - 2007-08-25 12:08:19

When I got it (two years ago) I was surprised to find out it was as common as it is!
Silversmith is absolutely correct (as you probably by now have searched the internet) there are many places to go to for information.

The reason for my comment... DO THE RECOVERY EXERCISES your physiotherapist gives you! I did, even though some were painful, but made a full recovery. Some people don't do the exercises and only get back 60 to 80% mobility. I suppose it's like hip and knee replacement (similar types of joints) - if you don't do the exercises afterwards, you may not get full mobility... DO THE EXERCISES and good luck.

(My MD said I likely got my FS from partially dislocating my shoulder in my sleep!!!)

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