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hi this is with reference to mr. j.r's reply to my fathers condition. i thought i shud put up the whole history before u. my father underwent surgery for a pericardial teratoma in 1994. about 2 kg was removed. he was fine for a while but then he started having palpitations and feeling of weakness. he went to the doc who gave him verapamil. he took that for sometime then stopped.sometime later he had a brief episode of amnesia that lasted for abt a minute.we contacted the doc.he carried out a no of tests like ett,echo,holter and advised my father to start with warfarin. he took the medicine for abt 3-4 months. the holter report revealed tachybrady syndrome(sick sinus syndrome).there were no significant pauses(>2.5sec). so we delayed the implant. stilll my father had palpitations and a low bp. of late the bradycardia has disappeared but the tachycardia bugs him,he is always calculating his heart rate which is normally in the range of 85-100 now the cardiologist says he will put in the ppm and bombard the heart with b blockers.thats why i was worried abt his bp. we have also done some more expensive tests to exclude ischemia.... like ct angiography and a MIBI scan both of them were normal.


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