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Hi All,

I am 30 years old and new to this club. Though I am not new with pacemakers and have it for last 25 years. I got my second replacement in march 2007. Prior to this replacemcent I was doing a bit of weightlifting etc. But this time my Doc told me not to lift heavy weights. when i asked him the reason he said that it is just a general advice. Now after 9 months I wish to join Gym again, but i am affraid as this may damage the leads. I understand that millitary and inclines types of presses could do the damage. Now i really need help...Can someone advice which type of exercises are safe for me. i do not have any medications and have a perfectly alright health otherwise. Thanks in advance!



Getting back to it!

by $6Mman - 2007-12-16 03:12:56

Hey Saurabh, I understand what you're going through as I was extremely active before all of this mess. I recently joined a gym after getting a release from the cardo. He restricted me to aerobic excercise and minimal weight. When I saw him just the other day, I asked him what it was about using hand grips that could be potentially dangerous to the cardiomyopathy and what was up with the minimal weight, just so I could process it for myself. He checked the echo's and then released me for heavier weight. It has something to do with the pressure exerted on the system to the condition of the heart and protection of the device and leads. It's not what I had done before, but it is a step in the right direction. Ask your doc as he/she may have sound medical precautions set to meet whatever it is that ails you. Other than that, approach it as if you had never lifted before and start with light to moderate weight. Avoid shaking up the leads wherever they are resting and eventually the range of motion will get better, yet you will always have to be aware of controlling the extent of stretch and pull in that area. Good lifting and be well! Adam

ask another?

by boatman50 - 2007-12-16 04:12:30

I would say it all depends on your condition, but after 9 months your leads must be attached enough to lift. I took some time(12 weeks) before I started out doing cardio and light lifting, and I don't feel the need to lift heavy any more. But I still do many lifts that have the same range of motion and have no problems. Before I started lifting again I did start push ups etc. I would ask the doc about some aerobics and push ups and sit ups etc to start, and ask to increase your weights as you go.

Useful tips!

by pacerpacer - 2007-12-17 11:12:16

Thanks Adam and Boatman for your useful tips. Adam rightly said to start with ligher weights. This will give confidence and i can find my limitation. I do not have any cardiomyophy so i presume myself fit enough to go back!

further info available

by gevans - 2007-12-17 12:12:26

You can always use the "search" feature in the upper right hand corner of the page. Type in "weightlifting, weights, working out, or any similar topic and read some of the comments. We have a wonderful group here, and there is a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to share that is very bountiful.

It sure beats "trial and error" - especially considering the consequences we're dealing with.


more info

by pacermom92 - 2008-01-15 10:01:16

My 15 year old son has had a pacemaker for many years now and has been advised not to do any excercise that moves your shoulder in a back and forth motion, such as a push up. The lead wires are very thin and over time will break just like a paper clip would if you bend it back and forth several times. I would check with your doctor before doing ANY should or chest workouts.

weights and lifting

by 082343 - 2008-01-19 05:01:24

pacermon92 thanks for the information, I'm 64 and I have had PM for 2 months, I wondered about shoulder movement. My Dr. said the same thing about the leads.
Does your son have any problems with jogging for any time limit.
New and so glad to find this group....Thanks

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