Dressage and PM

Happy thanksgiving to all. I just had a PM implanted a week and a half ago. I am 57 years old and fairly active. My passion though is riding horses. Any others out there with a similar interest? Although I do Dressage, is there anything to worry about???



Riding? Yee Haw!!!!!

by pacergirl - 2007-11-22 02:11:34

Hey, welcome to the PClub!

I am .... over 50 and I only began learning how to actually ride this last summer! I love riding and horses. I was taking riding lessons all summer. I am learning Western Style and my goal is to actually go on a trail ride. I don't have a horse yet. I would love to own one. My Cardio dr. asked if he could come along when I told him my plan. He had no problems with it at all. Just warned me not to get into a situation where I could be thrown off. Well, on occasion that could happen. I am careful to not stress my horse or myself. I agree with and like dressage. I only have a little experience with it though. I am still just learning. No bronco riding for me, however the trail rides are looking good!

Happy trails!
p.s. Don't forget to check out the member gallery there is a picture of me riding (trying to) there!

Riding? Yee Haw!!!

by stuie - 2007-11-23 11:11:58

Hi Pacegirl,

Thanks for the comments. riding is glorious. As my doctor told me, life has risks....you could fall on a piece of ice walking to your car. Anyway, I feel great but still sensitive at the site. I will give it the full 6 weeks to heal and the it is back full time to full life. I still plan to try and enter some Dressage shows in May 2008. Stay well and I will definitely look at the gallery.



by KerryM65 - 2008-06-25 08:06:13

Hi Stuie and Pacergirl,

I know you posted a while ago but I have only just joined this forum. I ride, showjumping and eventing were my passion years ago, but now with the PM and age :( I try to be more sedate and stick to dressge which I love. I have an off the track 17hh thoroughbred that I am schooling and we competed in our first test in March with a 61% and 2nd place. It was his first outing since racing, so to start with he freaked but I was very pleased that he settled once I mounted, and worked well.

My daughter also rides, and we enjoy taking the boys into the forestry for the odd trail ride too.

Will have to check out your photo pacergirl - and see if I can add one!

How did your event in May go Stuie?? And what about some details of your horse?? :O

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