working out ???

Does anyone know how long I have to wait to lift waights?
I have had a pm put in on 12/3/07.

Thanks ........................SAL


working out

by $6Mman - 2007-12-18 04:12:02

Hey Sal- I might direct you to similiar questions from December 16th, 2007, by paceerpacer.
You need to wait until at least March and make sure you check with the doctor(s) for limitations and approval!
Be well! Adam

Seems to Depend on the Doc

by turboz24 - 2007-12-18 05:12:43

I had an ICD implanted on sept 14th and was told by my Doc that I could resume all my normal activities 2 weeks after the surgery. He knew/knows I'm an avid weightlifter.

I have seen some people say months, etc. Now, when I did resume weight lifting, I did start lighter, but quickly went back to heavy lifting.

For me, without weight lifting, I immediately loose a lot of weight. The 3 weeks I took off (1 week for testing/surgery and the following 2 weeks afterwards), I dropped 18 lbs, so... I was really aching to get back to lifting.

Turbo, huh?????

by kyle0816 - 2007-12-18 07:12:29

Your doctor told you that you could resume all activities 2 weeks after surgery?? That strikes me as really really strange. I have heard (from my own Cardio Dr.) and read that you should wait around 6 weeks before you do any real weight lifting so the leads have a chance to get enough scar tissue to anchor them. 2 weeks sounds way too quick, glad you didn't have any complications. I have the same problem you do though, losing weight if I stop lifting. I lost about 12 lbs over the 6 weeks but quickly got it back when I started lifting again.

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