what to expect when i go in for battery change

hi everyone! my name is michelle and i think i'm going to have to have my battery replaced soon in my icd. i'm kinda stressing out about it a lot..i read that it's not really that big of a deal and it seems like a pretty easy surgery but the thing is i was shocked 8 times back in 2005 (they all were "unnecessary" whatever that means) when i first got this thing in me & i still have not gotten over it so i'm kinda freaking out about getting my battery replaced because i fear this is going to happen again. my question is has anyone had a "complication" after having their battery replaced? like getting shocked? this is probably a stupid question but they have to reset everything once they put in the new battery or whatever right?



by roy haycock - 2008-07-09 01:07:08

I have had two replacements and can confirm that Smart Redd is absolutely right in all that he has said. You receive a new Icd and it will be state- of- the- art and the one most suited to your needs as determined by your clinician. I actually had to have one replacement lead each time as the old ones were going to give some problems in the future so they just replaced them instead. This presented no problems and basically I forget that I even have an icd in place!
You have no need to worry.

What to expect?

by Smart Redd - 2008-07-09 10:07:09

I am new to this ICD stuff (3-13-08) but I have read and heard some things about battery replacement.

You will get a new device not just a new battery. The new device will be better and more advanced than even the one you got 3 years ago. There is no reason to expect any unnecessary shocks from this new, better device.

As for the settings, they will be adjusted properly at the time of implanting - no need to test and tweek if the old ICD was doing its job. Since there is no replacement of leads -- they are merely connected to your new ICD, you should have a shorter recovery time this time around since you need not wait for leads to 'heal'.

I know you want to hear from someone who has been through the procedure, but I did want to set your worries to rest.


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