Riding mowers..

Does anyone know if it`s OK to use a riding lawn mower after ICD implant??? I had mine on 03/31/08.


riding mower

by reg420 - 2008-04-08 08:04:38

i have had my icd 12/08 and they told me not to stay bent over the motor on mowers and cars and i use my riding mower and gas weed eater and have had no problems
Thanks Reg 420

Riding mowers

by BOB 1 - 2008-04-08 08:04:59

I think it is OK. At least I've been doing it for about 5 years and using the push type as well with no problems from my pacemaker.

I know we hear all sorts of warnings about not getting too close to any type engine when it is running. In my opinion too close is about 2 inches. Anyway, if one shoud have and adverse effect on your pacemaker as soon as you move away (more than 6 inches) the PM will return to normal operation. .

Bravo BOB1

by hotform - 2008-04-09 09:04:02

I must say, bravo BOB1.
You are absolutely right about the distance from a running engine, whether it be gas or electric.
The trouble is that most people after hearing the warning go into fear mode and start to manifest feelings and symptoms that aren't there. When they have their unit interrogated and nothing is found in the record to indicate a problem, they then think that their unit is somehow faulty and giving inaccurate information.
Once again, I am forced to say that the magnetism created by any engine or electrical device loves the metal that surrounds it and is much more attracted to it, than it ever will be to you. It never dawns on most people that the alternator in their car is a scant 4 or 5 feet away from them while they are driving, yet they will go to extremes of taking one from the auto parts store that is not even hooked up and have it placed in the back seat for them.
If you are going to have a problem with the riding mower it would most likely be from actual vibration that is setting off rate response motion sensors in your unit. In other words, the unit thinks you are involved in heavy exercise and speeds up your heart as opposed to thinking you are sitting and riding around. So if you are mowing and your heart feels like it is racing, go in and have your unit adjusted.
Having a pacer or ICD shouldn't be an excuse to continue living in fear, but an excuse to get on with living and enjoying our lives. Rick

cutting the grass

by kpab6500 - 2008-04-09 09:04:33

I got my ICD in Feb of 07 and went all last summer on my riding mower, weed eating and using a chain saw and never had a problem. I tried to use it as an excuse so my wife would have 2 cut the grass but it didnt work. Im around jet engine's all day and have not had a problem, yet. Each day is something new

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