Follow up to Shock That Saved Me

Well I was still having palpatations even on the amiodarone. I was transfered back to the heart hospital and they did a re-loading dose of the amiodarone. Even still had palpatations. I had a medic friend of mine do a rhythm strip and 12 lead EKG to find out that I was having a slow VT. I immediately scheduled an appointment with my EP doctors and the amiodarone was stopped and I had a VT/PVC ablation, a 5 hour procedure. They tell me it went well, but they were unable to find the pvc's that caused my VT/VF and ultimately my shocks, however, they were also unable to provoke that rhythm during the study. I had some of the pvc's ablated, and a few new ones occurred but I was told that they would calm down in a week or two that it was from the irritability of the heart from the ablation. Most of the palpatations have subsided or they occur at least less frequently. Also anxiety level is down. Anyone care to comment who has had a VT ablation feel free. I could use the support---thanks.


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