Update Re: "thumps" in my chest

I've been meaning to post about my checkup but boy have things been crazy!!
The Dr and tech think that the thumps I have been feeling are PVC's due to the ICD/lead. They can't see them on my readout because I only have one lead. I guess 2 leads are required to get a reading on a PVC. Everything else checked out ok and there were no abnormal rhythms on record. The general opinion was that once more scar tissue built up that the PVC's would go away. He wasn't too happy that my bpm was 113 when I went in but that was just after being chased by a bull- Farm girl- long story. I did find out that my ICD is set to go off at 205 bpm's.
Thanks for all the comments and suggestions!! You are all wonderful!



by ElectricFrank - 2008-07-07 01:07:18

A single lead pacemaker can detect PVC's, but yours may be an ICD only device.

I'll have to do some study of the pacer manual to see if there is a Bull Rate Response setting for you farm girls!


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