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Hello all, I just had an icd implanted for brugada syndrome and just have a few questions about some issues. The device was just installed on 5-6 and I can't sleep on my left side without feeling the pacing or at least that is what I think it is. I did lift my arm above my shoulder by accident and had severe pain. Just wondering what damage can be done, can the leads have been jeopardized? Or is all this normal?

Thanks for any help,




by LindaScarberry - 2008-05-09 01:05:25

I'm getting my ICD next Friday, 5/16. I would love any info you can give me about how it looks,how you are feeling day to day. Are you wearing a sling? I've been told that really helps so you don't accidentally raise your arm. I'm planning on doing that because I move first, think later!

Can you feel the ICD working? Are you a man or woman? Does it stick out?

Thanks for your input! And welcome to the site. It has been very helpful to me. Go to the chat room... they are great to answer questions and it's live so it's fun. GREAT PEOPLE WHO CARE!

Best of luck,


by Pookie - 2008-05-09 09:05:04

First of all, welcome to the club. You will find a lot of support here and perhaps even some answers!

Is the device on your left side? If so, you will have some problems sleeping on that side for awhile...perhaps a few weeks/months as we all heal at different rates. Using pillows on the device side can really help.

You mention that you lifted your arm above you shoulder by accident and had severe pain....I would request an Xray to see if you indeed pulled a lead, for peace of mind: ask! Especially if you still have the pain or just don't feel right.



by HelenB - 2008-05-09 10:05:25

Hi J.R.

I can't really answer any of your questions but I just wanted to say hello. I am new to the board too, and am getting my ICD for Brugada syndrome and HCM on Tuesday this coming week. I have noticed a few posts about Brugada on here but not a lot.

My Dad has an ICD and he did find he had trouble sleeping on his left side for quite a while after the surgery. He actually slept with his left arm inside his shirt for a while afterwards so that he didn't accidentally raise it over his head in his sleep.

Hopefully you didn't pull anything out of place but it does sound like you should talk to your doctor and make sure.

take care,


by Smart Redd - 2008-05-09 11:05:20

If the pacing sensation you feel could also be described as a "hic-cup without the hic", it could be that one lead is sending a shock to your diaphragm. I had this symptom - most apparent when laying on my left side. It was easily corrected by changing some ICD parameters . . . once I convinced the DR that it wasn't all imaginary. Ask when you go for your x-ray.



by rc - 2008-05-09 11:05:22

Welcome to the site.
You'll find a lot of good support and advice here, but the bottom line is that none of us are your doctor, so with many things he or she is the best source for answers to questions as they apply to you.

In general I can say that if you had your device implanted only couple of days ago, there will be some tenderness - no question about it.

I had my ICD implanted just over two years ago.
Initially, sleeping on my left side was not very comfortable but this became less & less of an issue in a relatively short period of time. I assume as things healed.
I dont remember -- one way or another -- any specific issues with raising my arm above my head.
I'm sure it was slow & easy does it at first.
Today, I do have full range of motion -- play golf etc --
and dont have any issues.

But again, your doc is the best sourse for a lot of specific questions as they apply to you.

Take care


by jrbott - 2008-05-09 11:05:45

Thanks for the responses, the pain that I had when I lifted my arm went away but Pookie, I did call the doc and they do want to do another x-ray to make sure it is intact. Thank you for that advice.

Helen, best of luck with yor procedure.


my experience

by roy haycock - 2008-05-14 01:05:06

Firstly, I am a man, but I am now on my third ICD and can well remember my first one.

You really do have nothing to worry about. You will not feel or hear it working, indeed within a month or two you will not even think about it !

It will help to have the arm in a sling, but this is not absolutely necessary. Do not sleep on you left side for a month or so.

It does not stick out, but an ICD does bulge a little as it is bigger than a straight PM.

It will all go well on Friday ,so don't worry, there are thousands of us living very happily with them.
Best wishes.

twitch in side

by tedlutz3 - 2008-05-30 08:05:18

i had pacemaker/difib installed feb. 18 and i was rewired exactly a month later. after the 2nd time, i had twitching when i laid on my right side. the twitching was in the diaphram below the belly button. at my checkup, they spent 45 minutes adjusting the settings to eliminate the twitch. it's worked so far.

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