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I am new to this group. I got a pacemaker/defribillator last year. I recently began to have chest pain in the middle of my chest, pressure in my back and then the pain moved to where the pacemaker is and I also have constant shoulder pain and I've also had heat in where the pacemaker is. I'm concerned about the symptoms also because I have one of the Medtronic Sprint Fedilus leads. My doctor doesn't seem to know what to do for it since he hasn't had anybody with these symptoms. Has anybody else know of or have had these symptoms at all?



by elfinbee - 2008-05-31 02:05:06


i just got a pm last month, and i have been having those chest pains on & off for the last 2 wks or so. i have told my gp, and he cant find a reason for it. i mean the cardio doc. i even did a holter monitor test too.

i am waiting for monday to see how i am over the weekend & if they are still here i will call & go in.


Heat over pacemaker

by ElectricFrank - 2008-06-01 01:06:50

Heat from any surgical incision after a reasonable time for healing is almost certainly an indication of inflammation or infection. I'm surprised that your doctor can't handle it. This has little to do with it being a pacemaker. You may need to check with another doctor. From the wide area of discomfort you are having I would consider it potentially serious. Keep in mind that the leads from the pacemaker penetrate a major vein leading to your heart. This can potentially lead to a blood infection.


keep me updated please

by cristalh - 2008-09-22 11:09:56

i thought i was just having paranoia..but im having the exact same symptoms as you..only thing i looked up my on metropolol 12.5 x2 a day..and i noticed one of the side effect were joint for the chest pain im not sure i hope my cardiologist can explain somewhat why im having these symptoms..ill keep u updated also!

much blessings,cristal

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