short of breath

I had the pacemaker inserted on June 4th....have my first doctor's appointment today...but at times feel out of breath after doing something....anyone have these pacmaker is set at 60...thanks vtlaney


New too

by BlockedBuckeye - 2008-06-11 11:06:35

Hi vtlaney - I am new to this pacemaker world as well. I had my PM inserted May 8th and have noticed different things throughout the month. I am not sure if I am just hyper sensative to everything becuase of the PM or if my body is just adjusting. I have not really had the shortness of breathissues so I can not provide much help there, but I have had differenet pains or racing of my heart at odd times that have kept me alert. Good luck at your doc appointment today, hopefully they will be able to help with the SOB issues.

me three.

by tpod - 2008-06-11 12:06:48

i still have a lot of issues with SOB and racing heart, and all that, as well. (i had my PM inserted 2/26/08) i've been chalking it up to the other dx's (diagnoses, for those playing along at home) i'm dealing with, and hoping that the procedure next week will take care of it.

your doctor's appointment today will help you shed some light. the first check up i had, they adjusted me from 60 bpm to 70bpm. it's helped some. not perfect, but it's definitely helped.

good luck! and don't be afraid to raise your concerns with your doctor! like everyone's been saying, you deserve to be the best you can be, and if your heart issues are causing you NOT to be the best you think you can be, then speak up. the worst that's going to happen is that you'll be right where you are right now. the ideal thing to happen, of course, would be a few steps forward...but at least there's no steps backward to be had.


new too

by vtlaney - 2008-06-11 12:06:57

I too feel that my heart races at times and feel kind of out of sorts at times...hard to explain..but saw your note about running...I too am a runner and am now only able to walk which I did today...started out at 60 and immediately my hr jumped to 108 and peaked at 118 and I was walking pretty slow...when were you able to start running???? I will know more after my dr appointment today...
By the way...I see from your name that you must be a husband is a buckeye thru and thru....good luck to you...vtlaney

me five

by vtlaney - 2008-06-12 09:06:02

thank you all for the is great to discuss this....makes me feel alot more secure in what is happening....vtlaney

Post PM

by richan - 2008-06-12 10:06:50

Hi vtlaney and BlockedBuckeye,
I'm from that "school up north". I'm too old to care anymore. My sons (both in their 30's) still get a little nuts in late November.
Yeah, I think eventually that tuning your PM and balancing that with any meds will smooth things out. Our bodies to have to adjust.
Hope all goes well for you,

me four

by kenslow - 2008-06-12 11:06:54

My pacemaker is set at 70 and I notice periods of shortness of breath. Mine happens when I am sitting down at my desk or watching tv, all of sudden it will feel like I have been running a marathon. I have sick sinus so I also take atenolol (sp) for the fast and have the pacer for the slow heartrate. I did not know if my symptoms were my natural heartbeat going against the meds and the pacer at the same time? It seems like this is a never ending battle.


started running

by BlockedBuckeye - 2008-06-14 12:06:50

vtlaney - I hope your appointment went well. To answer your question I got the ok to start running two weeks after implant but did not start running until 4 weeks after.

Richan - The end of November makes me a little nuts too...this will be the first year with the PM. I hope I don't tax it too much :).

I appreciate your commenst about adjsuting. I am hopeful its just some fine tuning.


other factors

by junebinflorida - 2008-06-15 07:06:46

some of you are having problems with shortness of breath? Can it be congestive heart failure? I think you have to look at the underlying conditions that caused you to have the ICD.
I am on 2,000 mg a day of sodium (which is very hard, believe me! ) and I find when I get too much sodium I am short of breath the following day.

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