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ih all when my icd goes off it realy hurts i assume that this is the norm


getting zapped

by joy1 - 2008-06-22 11:06:10

Everyone is different in how they respond to getting zapped. Also the number of zapps you receiving given the event you are having will impact the number of joules you are hit with.

I'm sorry that you have had the experience. Those of us with ICDs, live with the fear of what it's going to feel like to get zapped and when we are we live with the fear of when is it going to happen again. We can chat here to support you but I would also recommend you find a therapist to talk to. Often the depression and anxiety ICD recipients experience is hard to cope with without professional help.


Shocking News

by fireryan - 2008-07-09 03:07:12

Amen to Joy's comment.

I found my self popping Xanax 0.25 (small does) to help with the bad days. (yesterday).
The shock is horrible. Apparantly some people (rare) tolerate it well. Usually the ones happy to have it don't have to many shocks experienced with it. I saves your life for sure.....but there is a bit of a cost. I found myself highly sensitive to my heartbeat. I can feel every beat since receiving my first dose. The V T storm didn't help either. Look into Biofeedback. The breathing exercises can really help at certain times.

I always say look into ablation....its worth a try. I did.

God Bless


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