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OKAY, and I thought I heard everything...

Hello again, everyone. Thank you all again for your feedback and suggestions. I welcome them all.

Well, my doc got the report from the last scan showing something was happening near the pacemaker. After waiting for the entire week on the edge of the seat despite several phone attempts by me, I got no response from him or his nurse. Finally I called again today (one week later) and I finally spoke to his nurse. Apparently, the doc said the result of my last scan wasn't strong enough to...


Running going downhill

I have been a runner for most of my adult life. Late 2003 I ran my first marathon in a respectable time (3:33) for a 50 yr old. Once I recovered from the marathon I started running again 3 months later. After a several months of running I began having "sudden exhaustion" events. I would be running fine for several miles, feeling good then suddenly I was forced to stop. My endurance would suddenly disappear. I faced the same problem once I began running again in 2005. Again, it appeared af...


canada day

to-day is canada day 2007. in 1967 i was 25 and our son was born in march and so therefore we had a centennial baby because that year was canada's 100th birthday. our youngest is now 40. pierre trudeau was in power and life was good. here we are all these years later and life is still good except for the awful threat over our heads that at any time another disaster like 9/11 could happen. so far the world has been able to deter the action of these people. they are doing a good job but w...



hi, I have my pacemaker set at 55 beats per minute.

when it is only showing 54 beats per minute I get worried.

how can it be less that what it is set for?

i was told this is not serious.
any help is appreciated, I had bee told previously that it should always at least be the amount it is set for.

thank you so much, therese.


Birthday question?

where do you list your birthday. I thought the previous message was for me. I think there are two KarenRs here. Karen


Light Boxes?

Hi Guys,
I know this is putting the cart before the horse! but I have just purchased one of these S.A.D. lights..I have read a fair bit about them.... and living in the UK a country that has more than it share of grey miserable days I thought this might be an investment in my health ....I just wonder if any of you have used one and did you think it was worthwhile or did I put my money down the drain!!!!
Wish you all a great weekend take care.... Peter



I’ve decided I need to change my life around. So, what you are reading is an on-time birthday message to pacemaker member….

Happy Birthday on this day of June 30!

You didn’t give me your year! lol jk that was optional.
I hope you enjoy your regular lifestyle activities of swimming, gardening, sleeping…..or all of them (not at the same time; that could get ugly….imagine sleeping while swimming)

You should take up horseback riding. Here, a p...


Am I late??!

Blast! Yes, I am. My apologies.
I like whoever coined the phrase “better late than never” :)

Let us travel back in time shall we?
KarenR.: June 28, 1958

You win a teddy bear for being born!!
Here you go:

( (^) )
(ö) (ö)
Disclaimer: not a real bear

Karen enjoys writing, reading, gardening, and most of all, shoveling snow

take care,


Fluid Build-Up Over PM?

I was wondering if any of you have had fluid gather over your PM right after surgery. Maggie has some squishy-ness over her PM. It does not seem infected, just squishy.

Can anyone relate to this situation?


Hi Smitty!

Hi Smitty - Although I have been hit or miss the past few weeks I had not seen a posting from you in quite a while. I was concerned that maybe you were not well. Then this morning there you are telling us all about Hysteresis. Thank you! You are right - that doctor needs to be kicked in the seat of the pants. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill and then sending the patient off to try to figure out what was just said. Will these docs ever learn to speak in "patient language"? I...


Ref: (1) week check up

Had my 1st week check up on June 27 (Wednesday) I was
told everything look very good. I was told my PM had 31%
active kicking in to raise my heart rate up, I didn't ask
if this was ok. Anyone out there could comment on this
I would appreciate it very much. Thanks Gene


Doctors report evidence of "anniversary reaction"

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
Thu Jun 28, 9:08 AM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A woman whose defibrillator activated one week to the hour after her father died, and recorded the event, may provide the first documented evidence of "anniversary reaction," doctors reported.

The defibrillator acted as a pacemaker, perhaps saving the 50-year-old woman's life. Its function of keeping a precise record of when it was activated made it possible to establish the preci...


I am now a new member...yay

hello everyone,I have been wanting to thank dave and smitty for their comments, but even though I have been logged in, I was unable to comment or post. I joined a couple months ago and have had trouble with this site. thats a shame because I have enjoyed reading what others experiences have been like. So, I just "rejoined" and it let me post a message so maybe this time around I will have better luck. Thank you Dave and Smitty for responding to my comment last week, your info and advice was ver...



I am a nurse who sees many pacer patients. I am curious-is there any type of protective shield that can be used so a patient can use power tools,etc.? Any info would be helpful! Thanks!


From Oz

Hi Folks

Seems ages since I did a posting. Have just scanned through catching up on all the latest. We have gone from drought to flood here in Oz. Last night on the news it showed massive floods in the state of Victoria. (Where rewired Aussie lives) I felt so sorry for the cows stuck in a great sea of water.

We are in the middle of winter having passed the shortest day. I am off to Hobart on Wednesday for my pacemaker check at the Hobart Heart Hospital. My husband ha...


update from Chicken 1000

Hi everyone. I'm now an official member of the pacemaker club, supposedly sporting the Rolls Royce of pacemakers (hopefully not the cost of a Rolls Royce). :)
The surgery went well but I am very sore, which my doctor says is due to all of the weight training I've been doing in the last 6 months. The muscles were very tight and had to be split and stretched to insert the pacemaker. OUCH! Thank God for Darvocet. :)
Thanks to everyone for the bra advice (I bought a strapless before m...


School assignment

Hello, i have a school assignment and i am doing it on pacemakers. I would really appreciate information on the cost and accessability for a pace maker. Thanks please reply


Ref percent used on my PM

Hi Cathryn: Appreciate your e-mail reference to percent
of usage on my PM. I don't go back for (3) months and
then I will know what true percentage usage on my PM .
Other wise I feel great and so far a good recovery.
Again thanks for your e-mail information, The PM Club
is great to obtain information and I truly appreciate
the compassion that is shown from the members.
Gene Ray


Pregnancy and an ICD

Has anyone had a successful pregnancy with an ICD? I am thinking about having another baby and would like some advice... Thank you!


External defibrillator

My husband had a pacemaker (no ICD) inserted in March with his ventricle being 100% dependent. He's doing well but tires more easily and seems to be more affected by the heat this summer(??). My question......If he has a heart attack, and an external defibrillator is used, how will that affect the pacemaker?

This site has helped us both alot and I thank you all for sharing your experiences!


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