Electric Blanket? Yes or No?

Any users out there?


i can't use it

by mereiriz - 2009-11-03 01:11:00

Well, I have a Boston Scientific pacemaker since March and in the book they gave me it says specifically to avoid electric blankets. I think you should check the literature of your specific device to know for sure. Maybe that depends on the make and model.


by Carolyn65 - 2009-11-03 01:11:38

I am very cold natured & have been all my life. Have used an electric blanket for years & years. I had PM on 10/2/09 & use my electric blanket all the time. Any temp. below 58 & I turn the blanket on low. I have not had any problems with my PM/electric blanket. I too have a Boston Scientific PM, have not read my book good, but I have not had any problems re: blanket.

IF you think you may have problems, I would just have the electric blanket cover only the portion of your body where the PM implant is not. My PM is right below my left clavical, so IF I had any doubt, I would bring the blanket only up to my lower chest.

Have a great day & week & stay warm, Carolyn G. in Central TEXAS ~ GO UT LONGHORNS ( :

electric blanket

by dottodot - 2009-11-03 02:11:00

I have a Medtronic Adapta dual lead and have used my electric blanket frequently. My booklet says electric blankets are fine. dottodot

Electric Blanket

by Bill-2 - 2009-11-03 09:11:47

Yes, Been using one since before I got a pacemaker and never stopped. It was not on my list of things to avoid.

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