Hysteresis, one more point

I looked up Hysteresis to further clarify points already made. Hysteresis means "delay", in this case, delaying pacing to maximize the hearts own ability to beat.

For instance, if the lower rate is set to 75, then the hysteresis rate would be 65 or 70 to allow the heart to take over functioning on its own, if it can.

Hope that clarifies the issue further.

Barbara Blocker



by Maguila - 2007-07-02 03:07:02

Hi Barbara,
thanks for your info. With Smitty´s comments, Blueaustralia and now yours it helped to understand a little bit more about Hysteresis. I´m still having some discomfort, but I am looking for the right settings.

I hope my doc will find them! I keep you informed.

Maguila / Manuela L.

Going for av node ablation

by sheysdad - 2008-09-15 12:09:09

Hi Barbara ,
My name is Bruce and I have been afibing for quite awhile. I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and CHF close to 8 years ago. I had a bi valve/ defib. (medronics) and have been taking Amiodarone for almost 2 years. My doc's have reccomended an AV Node ablation and I am supposed to go in Thurs for the procedure, which I understand is pretty quick and fast recovery. How long have you been pacemaker dependant and most of all How are you Doing? Please let me know. All the best of all, Bruce

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