OK, I thought I saw everything with the Medtronic ICD ads on TV, but I was wrong!

As many of us know, recently Medtronic started putting ads out into the media to peddle their merchandise. I thought that was about the worst I've seen.

Today I just starting seeing an ad from Johnson & Johnson telling us to ask our doctors if knee replacement was right for us too.

This isn't just about the greed of these companies anymore. These companies have all but hijacked the medical profession!

A common denominator I've noticed between these ads on TV by the different companies is that they are shown on CNN. I think I have had about as much as I can take from CNN.


I agree!

by auntiesamm - 2007-05-08 09:05:16

I absolutely agree with Dodiad's posting. The first time I saw the Medtronic ad on TV a few months ago I think my pacemaker almost quit! It is an insult to all of us in my opinion and the federal government needs to act on these ads. I have not seen the one for a knee replace-ment although I guess I should not be surprised. I am scheduled for a new knee on June 5 and cannot even imagine getting my info from a TV or print commercial. The other big thing now is the print ads drawing comparisons between male & female knees. This is a good thing but does not belong in these ads! Maybe if enough of us would get up in arms we could get someones attention, however, we all know it is about big money and everyone is competing for their share of the healthcare dollars. I am so very glad I got out of the hospital industry when I did; I cannot imagine working in an industry that has become so focused on the bottom-line and not the patient, quality care and good outcomes! Thanks for "listening".

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