Another Update to Endless Pain

Hi everyone,

Well, no idea yet what's happening. Had lung scan, nothing. Ultrasounds of both legs and my arm show nothing. No clot evidence, at least not yet.

Yet, my left arm (the pacer side) continues to swelling in other places and the pain is just as unrelenting. When I was at the hosp the other day for my ultrasounds, I stopped in to visit the pacer people and showed them my arm. One of the nurses looked at both arms, felt them both and could tell a noticeable difference between them in size. She inquired if the doc has suggested a venogram.

I am currently in the midst of gallium nuclear medicine scanning to looking for infection and/or inflammation. We'll have to see how that goes, though my regular blood counts show no evidence of infection.

ARGHHH, this is so annoying. This body of mine is hurting and won't tell me why.


so Sorry....

by queen_beez - 2007-06-20 04:06:57

that you are feeling so bad with no end in sight. I hope your body talks to you soon. I really have no other ideaes but just wanted to send you warm thoughts and know we are all thinking of you. I hope you get better soon.I really thought it was a clot. That is what it sounds like. I think we nedd to call "house" hehe. (The doc on tv that fixes everything). I am sure the docs are trying hard to find out whats wrong. They certainly don't want to be stumped or have a patient that they can't cure.
Take care ,rest ,and keep the faith that all will be better quickly,


by hooimom - 2007-06-20 05:06:54


The nurse asked about the venogram but a doctor hasn't suggested it yet? Sounds like it could be a good idea. Didn't you have a blood count that was quite elevated that suggested a clot? Maybe I have combined two situations, I'm not sure.

When do you find out the results of the nuclear scan? I am so sorry you are going through all of this. It is hard enough to go through the PM surgery without complications!


Hang in there ...

by admin - 2007-06-20 10:06:52


My heart goes out to you. Stay strong! I hope the cause will be found real soon.


My blood clot was hiding behind the pacemaker!

by pacergirl - 2007-06-20 11:06:25

Hello Dodi,
It is not my intent to alarm you, but.... I had some of the same problems with my left arm after the pacemaker implant. What happened was I had a blood clot form behind the pacemaker. I had the ultrasound done and at first the techs thought I had some strange anatomy. Then the docs pointed out that I had a blood clot 5" long. Is it possible the clot is hiding somewhere? Be careful and make sure you pursue this problem to the end. The swelling must have a cause... it is going to take some effort to find it though. Hang in there... I am doing fine now however my arm is going to be forever larger as the clot was found too late to really change a whole lot about how my arm looks. Take care. pacergirl.

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