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HI everyone,

I am still in hot pursuit of the right care, but I believe I may have found a place that is willing to step out and take a chance to help me! In the next few weeks I should have an appointment to another medical center in another state.

So far with talking with these folks, they seem like they really want to try to help me. I am looking forward to it, and as the spiritual person I am, I think there may be some divine intervention going on here too.

I have thought very hard about what to do. After reading several articles on SVC syndrome from various medical journals, I detect all is not hopeless for me and in fact, pursuing this further is mandatory.

For my doc to sit on this and watch it happen I believe is a big mistake. SVC syndrome as we know it can occur with blood clotting, and I have another severe medical condition that desperately needs treatment--and I've been told over and over I need to take hormones. Those hormones are not to be taken with increased risk of blood clots.

In English, for my doc to sit on this shows how oblivious he is to my other healthcare needs and a more comprehensive approach is needed. And I intend to get it.

I will let you know how it turns out.
Thank you everyone, for your support and understanding!


More info

by Dodiad71 - 2007-08-21 02:08:47

Hi everyone,

I live in far NE Illinois (near Wisconsin) and I am going to try a program at U-Wisconsin Madison. They have a second opinion program for cardiovascular that is just right for complex cases and those who have been deemed untreatable (AKA hopeless! by others).

I expect to have an appointment within the next couple of weeks. So far I am very encouraged. I would like to go to Cleveland or Mayo but my resources are quite limited. So Madison is the next best thing for me. If that doesn't work out, I will then consider how to pursue additional advice elsewhere.

It seems so far, however, that these folks in Madison really want to help me and with my location I can be up there in about 2 hours as it is within driving distance.



by hooimom - 2007-08-21 05:08:58

I find it sad that most doctors don't look at us as whole people...they see the body part they have specialized in. It took over 1 1/2 years for my heart problem to be diagnosed because the doctors couldn't get past asthma or a lung issue because shortness of breath was my primary complaint. Why don't these doctors see the immediate need for treatment with your other
condition? AHHHHH.

Dodi, I pray that this is the place you will find answers. You have done far more than your part in searching for answers!


dodi's search

by luckyloo - 2007-08-21 10:08:54

dear dodi,

i am so glad you are pursuing your search for an answer! i believe strongly in divine intervention too!

please keep us posted on what you find out!

can you tell us where you are going? cleveland clinic is #1 in the world for heart issues...i hope it's there :o)

God bless,

best wishes

by CathrynB - 2007-08-21 11:08:45

I'd been wondering what was up with you, Dodi, since your last posting sounded not too promising. I'm REALLY glad you haven't given up and are still pursuing a solution. Increased specialization in the medical field has been great for people who have an isolated problem, but it's also led to things like your experience, and that's such a shame. I'm glad you continue to advocate for a solution and will be eager to hear how it goes. Let us know when you have a date for that big appointment! Take care, Cathryn

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